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Spam - Sign up to get your free t-shirt from FreeShirts.com.au

Posted By: rizzi, posted 2013/06/07 00:31
Register for free at FreeShirts.com.au to receive your email with the details about where to go and claim a free t-shirt! It’s as easy as that!
Expiry date:2013/06/08
  • pjau2013/06/07 11:28:10
    Been hours and I've yet to receive an email about a tshirt, know how long it usually takes?
  • michelleooo2013/06/07 17:40:04
    I got an email but no mention of a free t-shirt and it had so many typos I just unsubscribed.
  • michelleooo2013/06/07 17:40:28
    It felt a bit dodgy
  • qwe1232013/06/08 01:38:06
    NO T SHIRT AT ALL!!!!!!!!
  • mou2013/06/10 23:31:21
    where is the T-shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Donkey2013/06/11 00:23:42
    One to avoid by the look of it. Make sure you remember to vote cold on stuff if its not working - as well as commenting.

    Edited By: Donkey on 2013/06/11 00:24:40: s

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