About Us

What is Buckscoop?

Buckscoop.com.au is a place for consumers to freely share deal tips, voucher codes and other consumer information. We also provide some moderated content in the Buckscoop blog. The purpose of the site is to escape from the marketing messages and ads that surround us and get genuine advice from other people about hot deals.

No self-promotion or marketing unless we expressly OK it

Any type of self-promotion or recommendation where the person profits is frowned upon. Of course you want to represent your deal as something awesome when you stand to gain money from it. The basis of the site is that it is for honest tips from other people who don't stand to gain. Merchants who are found self-promoting are banned from the site.

Anyone can share and vote

Registration is free and open to everyone. The more members we have sharing and contributing their tips, the more everyone gains! You can help build this community by sharing deals you've found, voucher codes you know of, giving advice and insight on deals listed, or just being a friendly member! Voting helps others out by giving them an easy indication of whether something is seen as good by their peers.

How Buckscoop is funded?

We don't run banner ads on the site, use your email address for marketing or sell your details to other parties. We keep the site funded and running by using commission links on merchants where Buckscoop receives a commission if a product is purchased. As members submit and vote on deals, we believe this keeps the site unbiased; but if you have concerns please use the contact us section to let us know.