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NEW Dog Backpack $5 @ Kmart

NEW Dog Backpack $5 @ Kmart

Does your pooch need his own pack? This one is perfectly sized for doggies, and it's just the thing for storing snacks and soggy tennis balls. The best bit is that you can pick it up for a fiver! OMG, too cute... Click here for the NEW Dog Backpack @ Kmart This little pack is…

Up To $31 Off iFetch Automatic Ball Launchers @ Catch

If you've got a dog, the iFetch is a toy you need to know about. It's an automatic ball launcher, and a toy that pets can play with entirely by themselves. Both the iFetch and the iFetch Frenzy (for smaller dogs) are on sale now at Catch, so do your pooch a favour and check…

SUCK UK Cat Laptop Scratcher $40.30 @ eBay

Does your cat love your laptop (especially when you are working on it?) If so, I have found the purrfect solution to get your cat off YOUR keyboard and onto its very own: presenting the Suck UK Cat Laptop Scratcher 2.0 - and it's just $40.30 on eBay right now. Click here for the SUCK…