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Macheist - Free Daisy Disk Licence

Posted By: fishmonkey, posted 2009/11/04 20:17

Daisy Disk is a disk usage tool for Mac OS X which has a very cool interface... handy for seeing where all the space on your hard drives has gone, and to help clean it up...

for more info, go here:

it's normally about USD20, but for the next day or so you can get a free licence through MacHeist: http://www.macheist.com/

enter these coordinates: 151.7, 174.4

then click on Tweet for a Treat... that will bring up a Twitter login page, which you can close straightaway, so it doesn't make any difference if you have a Twitter account or not...

you then need to log in to your MacHeist account or create a new one to get the licence details...

download and you are golden!
  • admin2009/11/04 20:53:34
    Nice one fishmonkey. Ta.

    Downloaded and trialling.
  • admin2009/11/04 21:08:00
    Neat visualisation. 4.6gig in my mailbox, 40 gig of music. Just trying out superuser to see what I can do with it.
  • admin2009/11/04 23:30:53
    Hmmm - struggling to see what I can do with it other than see where all my crap is sitting. Am I missing something ?
  • fishmonkey2009/11/04 23:57:57
    heheh, that's all it's designed to do! it's for seeing where all your disk space has disappeared to...

    actually, in practical terms, the always free Disk Inventory X does a better job, and has more functionality (e.g. you can delete files directly, and also rescan just the folders that you've changed):
    Disk Inventory X
  • admin2009/11/05 00:42:48
    Is it true that Mac doesnt fragment drives as badly as they get on a PC or is that just urban legend?
  • fishmonkey2009/11/05 00:55:43
    yes, Mac OS X tries to actively minimize fragmentation... it automatically defragments files that are under 20MB in size, and it clumps free space together...

    so unless you overfill your drives (not good) and/or work with a lot of large files, e.g. video editing, then you don't usually need to worry about fragmentation...

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