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WOW Sight And Sound - Garmin Nuvi 265W GPS + Bonus GARMIN eTrex H Handheld GPS - $409

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Posted By: lilpretzel, posted 2008/12/13 20:44
In the latest catalogue they have this advertised on page 9, purchase before 31st December to redeem a BONUS GARMIN eTrex H Handheld GPS valued at $149.00

I'm happy so far with this, the touch screen response time is excellent compare to my Mio Moov which I had nothing but trouble with.
  • lilpretzel2008/12/13 20:49:49
    If your lucky to have a Woolworths discount card, Tandy/Dick Smith will match the price + you get 5% OFF = [COLOR=Red]$388.55 :xmas3:

    [COLOR=Black]You can wait until Thursday at Dick Smith as you will get 10% off with your [/COLOR][/COLOR][COLOR=Black]Woolworths discount card[/COLOR] but stocks are very low :xmas9:


    Comes with Preloaded City Navigator for Aus / NZ
    Supports addition of maps / addition of waypoints (up to 1000)
    Turn-by-turn voice prompts w/street names
    Bluetooth Hands-free calling
    3D map view
    Auto-route: stay on-course with fast off-route and detour recalculations
    Choice of Route: choose between fastest time, shortest distance or even off-road
    Route Avoidance: tolls, highways, etcetera
    Add custom Points-of-Interest
    Supports hands-free calling via Bluetooth
    Where Am I?: find closest hospitals, police & gas stations, nearest address & intersection
    Photo Navigation: navigate to geotagged photos if the address escapes you
    Travel clock w/distance, max speed, total time
    Garmin-Lock: enhanced security - access to unit granted via 4-digit PIN
  • admin2008/12/13 21:27:19
    Ha - seems a bit wierd to throw in an etrex to the deal but I guess they are trying to get rid of discontinued stock.

    From my experience with Garmin, I'd question the claim that the two AA batteries will last your etrex 22 hours - a lot of that depends on how heavily your using the display and functions. These are pretty basic units and I guess the reason they are discontinued is because they're replaced them with things like the forerunners.

    I've got a forerunner 205 that I use on the motorbike. I bought it thinking that I'd either smash it in the first week or find that it couldnt really keep up with the pace on the tracking. Have been pleasantly surprised in that its still works, keeps a very accurate log of the trails and the backtrack function does actually work to get you out of trouble. It seems to keep the fix even when it fairly heavily wooded areas and after having been smacked against a good few trees and tumbles it still functions.
  • jackyblue2008/12/14 17:21:23
    The battery life comes pretty close to that. We used several of these eTrex for turtle monitoring last year with vollies who had often never seen a GPS b4 and they were great. I was suprised how infrequently I had to replace the batteries. They are a simple little unit that's easy to use and it did everything we needed it to do. Good xmas pressie for a teenage boy. I wouldn't go the deal just for that option but hey ...
  • admin2008/12/14 21:39:44
    I've got one of the early garmin handhelds as a backup - probably about 6 years old - takes 4 AA's and works off a mono screen. Even on really low use ie checking getting a fix every couple of hours while on a boat the batteries would die pretty quickly. I guess though that they continually make the tech more efficient in the power consumption.

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