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Worlds first Quad core Notebook with Dual SLI 7950 GTX 2x512MB DDR3 Graphics from $3598

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Posted By: sandgroper, posted 2007/07/13 06:46
For the person who has everything! and money is no object to getting the fastest notebook in the world.

Just follow the link to build your own from a whole host of specs.
  • sandgroper2007/07/13 21:47:16
  • nod2007/07/13 22:19:26
    a bargain at 5000 bucks!!!

  • admin2007/07/13 22:36:31
    :D - configurable raid on a laptop.... the thing has four drives in it.

    I've gotta check out how much I can spec it up, how long the battery lasts and what critical temperature this thing must run at...
  • admin2007/07/13 22:43:31
    a megre 5.4 kilo's with a 12 cell battery. I'm sure its not a glaring ommission that they dont state how long that thing lasts but I suspect you'd probably get just through the start up routine and have to plug it in. :D

    Even better - you can uprate the processor to something that costs more than the average complete laptop.

    Awesome - they'll even give you a flash ram drive (for a piddling $580)
  • admin2007/07/13 22:51:37
    Allrighty - configured to a utopian spec - without anything thats not related to just the core machine and OS - I can get the price up to $9321 (although gotta admit, the UPS air freight option might be a little extravagent).

    Now - wonder if they're offering cashback on it or if there's a 10% off voucher floating around :D
  • sandgroper2007/07/13 23:25:42
    Looks to me like Admin is the only one around here with enough money to afford one then :p
  • admin2007/07/13 23:34:40
    wonder if they give you a discount on an electric buggy to cart it around in.
  • nod2007/07/14 19:25:17
    I reckon the cart would be essential!
    what is the point in having a 6kg laptop!!?!???
  • nod2007/07/14 19:26:19

    just to carry it around ..... :D
  • schlemster2007/07/14 23:59:54
    :confused: he for real?
  • admin2007/07/15 08:51:07
    Be interesting to know more about how utilised the quad cores will be - ie how much time out of every 'session you have, I suspect not. I cant think of many people except grafics geeks that might use it.
  • sandgroper2007/07/15 16:41:03
    Here is a range of laptop bags especially made for this bad boy.


    Note the wheels are extra load bearing.

    And for when you are on the move for more than 10 minutes and need to boost the battery power some...

  • stinkmeister2007/07/15 19:16:27
    :d :d .
  • admin2008/02/24 21:45:23
    :D - how fast the prices tumble. The base quad machine is now being sold at $3598. Will change the OP to reflect this. Thats around 30% of its value in 5 or so months.....!
  • admin2008/02/24 21:46:27
    also not sure whether this could still claim the title or worlds first anymore either.

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