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Western Digital 1TB external hard disk drive $249delivered @ Officeworks

Posted By: sandgroper, posted 2008/03/04 23:49
The latest Work on the move catalogue has this on the front page at $100 less than the on line price.

Cat number is SYWDHU1TB

Pop into your local and grab one while they have some left


updated - Now showing $299.00 online again

And updated 11/04 - now showing online for $297 - which most people will be able to get delivered for free.
  • admin2008/03/04 23:57:49
    Office works is playing silly buggers. They had that online one @ $299 for quite a while and then yesterday it suddenly jumped. Naughty officeworks.
  • gstok2008/03/05 16:36:24
    Looks like it's now cheaper to buy it from Harris Tech. It's the same price ($299) but you can get 10% cashback if you pay via PayPal plus 4.05% from Buckscoop. That should cover the postage cost and give you some spare change! :)
  • lilpretzel2008/03/05 16:46:30
    Save more $$$ by picking it up.

    Pickup: Available at 11 Business Centres.
    ( See list on product page )

  • gstok2008/03/05 17:01:16
    PayPal is not available for Store Pickup orders.

  • lilpretzel2008/03/05 17:09:40
    Gee that's unfair.

    Sorry didn't think about that.

  • gstok2008/03/05 17:11:57
    I fail to see why they don't.

    Still $30 off (eventually) still makes it the cheapest bargain for this item, since postage should be less than this.
  • sandgroper2008/03/07 02:03:25
    Its now back at $299 ONLINE at Officeworks.

    Western Digital 1TB Essentials 3.5 Hard Drive
    Product No. SYWDHIU1TB

    Easy to setup, Easy to use - This drive is all about simplicity. Plug it into your computer's USB 2.0 port and start saving.

    1TB Capacity

    USB 2.0 Interface

    7,200RPM disk with 8.9ms average seek time

    Weight: 1.15kg

    3 year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • admin2008/04/11 17:30:53
    And back again now at $297 - no idea why the $2 drop in price....
  • admin2008/04/11 17:36:20
    The officeworks shipping policy is as follows.

    Delivery is free for orders of $50 or more (excluding big and bulky items) to metropolitan areas in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. If you are in those delivery areas and your order is less than $50, you will be charged a small delivery fee of $5.45.

    For deliveries to areas outside the main metropolitan centres you will be charged $25.95 (including GST) for an order of any value (excluding big and bulky items).

    A nominal handling fee of $3.95 applies to all orders but handling fees will not apply on replacement orders or returned items.
  • diider2008/04/11 18:08:54
    I got one of these from the last sale and it is awesome. Ive heard rants about it but so far so good for me. I mean it is cheaper to buy a 1tb hdd and a separate enclosure but I did that with my last one and man, it feels flimsy and fragile. Good buy if you have problems with deleting like me :)
  • nod2008/04/13 19:59:37
    Good buy if you have problems with deleting like me

    The bigger the HDD gets the more this will happen :D
  • jezzamine2008/05/20 10:01:36
    $249 at Officeworks now
  • gstok2008/05/20 12:36:55
    $249 online and in-store to clarify.
  • Wally2008/05/21 18:50:57
    Might have to call the local store to see if they have any in stock .. good price!
    But their postage out of the big city metro areas sux!
  • bigal2008/05/21 21:07:31
    does this drive use a power brick our does a standard power cable plug straight into it?
  • admin2008/05/21 21:17:05
    are you asking about whether its a two part cable with the transformer in the middle section or one of the ones where its integrated into the plug ??

    My understanding is that everything will need the transformer brick somewhere in the line.
  • admin2008/05/21 21:37:46
    Just looking at the US model - its got the transformer inbuilt into the plug end bigal - if that helps.
  • sandgroper2008/05/21 22:01:28

    Like this I think.
  • bigal2008/05/21 22:12:28
    I was wondering if it has the powersupply built into the case or if it was external in an powere adapter.
  • admin2008/05/21 22:35:31
    External. Definately.
  • diider2008/05/21 22:42:01
    most if not all 3.5 external HDD's require an external power supply.

    darn it, i wouldnt mind another one but my big trip to japan is coming up!
  • admin2008/05/22 00:01:03
    Thats a very good price for 1 terra of storage.

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