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Virgin Blue Carbon Offsets

Posted By: ScarletRubies, posted 2007/10/11 01:04
I just discovered today that you can buy carbon offsets with your Virgin Blue fares - others may have know this a while, but there you are. :) I was really encouraged to see it is a lot cheaper to negate the effect of my family of 4 doing 3000km of flying - so much so that we might do more in order to negate the carbon emissions of some of the others on board!

From the Virgin site:
What you can do

Flying like many other forms of transport impacts the environment because the fuel used by airlines results in the release of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other emissions into the upper atmosphere. Virgin Blue and our international airlines, Pacific Blue and Polynesian Blue have set our own challenge to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to our business. Now we also offer our Guests the opportunity to offset emissions related to flights taken with any of our three airlines.

If you would like to offset your flight, all you have to do when booking with us is click on the link on the Virgin Blue Travel Itinerary page to opt to offset the carbon emissions relating to your flights. You will then be taken to the Carbon Offset Checkout page which will advise you of the cost of offsetting emissions relating to the sectors you are planning to fly. Once you have provided your credit card details, you then simply click to accept the charge and a tax invoice is generated and sent to you via email.
  • ozpete2007/10/11 16:23:54
    Richard says he not like the other guys.

    Like when I applied for his credit card, unlike the bank(s) he said NO

    He makes so much money and he promotes his difference, why can't he just offset the carbon out of his own pocket, that would be different. Or just build it into the price, again different.
  • nod2007/10/12 09:48:31
    He makes so much money and he promotes his difference, why can't he just offset the carbon out of his own pocket, that would be different. Or just build it into the price, again different.

    It would be a novel thing if they just included it in the price, but then that removes the impact of people thinking about the co2 emissions I think. If you have to chose and pay more, I think it has more impact.
    I would like to think it is not a marketing ploy but my cynical side says different
  • admin2007/10/12 09:57:05
    Branson is a fantastic self promotionist - but he is one of the few who puts his money where his mouth is.

    I know there's no such thing as a perfect alternative, and yes he has a vested commercial benefit if he cracks it, but what I find encouraging is that he's commited something in the range of £200 million to development of biofuels. Sure biofuel has detrimental aspects and large scale commercial production is usually as evil as the problem its supposed to be replacing but hopefully in the development process they'll develop parallel beneficial technology that can be applied elsewhere.

    There's a few interesting dillemas with Carbon Offset at the moment. From what I've read the lack of standardisation in measuring how much carbon is offset has lead to a bunch of grandiose claims on the part of those selling offsets. Someone did a comparitive study between 5 offset companies recently and turned up massive differences in the 'claimed' carbon reduction from what was effectively the same programme.

    The EU also created a bunch of carbon credits a while back which they sell for something stupid like €2. These are the same credits which have been bought up by the offset companies who are onselling them at €2000.

    Anyway - I still think anything beneficial is a step in the right direction so long as its not simply swapping one evil for another.

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