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Vintec - Spend $120+ on Penfolds Wine & get a 35 Bottle $599 wine cabinet for $100 [plus shipping]

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Posted By: ninkasi, posted 2010/03/02 18:01
Purchase $120 or more on Penfolds wine, send copy of receipt and completed claim to Penfolds along with payment of $100(+$50 shipping plus 3% surcharge if paying by credit card) and you will get a 35 bottle Vintec wine cabinet with a RRP of $599. So yes, shipping is not cheap, but it does weigh over 44kg....

The fine print is at the link, but basically purchase, in one transaction, 6 or more bottles of Penfolds wine worth $120 or more (Thomas Hyland, Koonunga Hill, or Bin range - of which at least 2 bottles need to be from the Bin range) and then send in the claim. One cabinet only per household, and purchase must be made *at a participating outlet*. [There is no definitive list available - either check at your favourite store or see some of the comments to this thread where others may have found a participating store. It appears that Dan Murphy's is *not* participating]

Vintec/Transtherm is a well known maker of these things, so not a bad deal and the Penfolds wine is generally pretty decent. Personally, I bought 3 bottles of Bin 128 (to cellar) and 3 bottles of Koonunga Hill Cab Sav (to drink now) to take me just over the $120 mark.

As a generalisation, these are not as good as a "real" cellar (for example the better made, heavier, more expensive, in general the better protection against things like vibration from the motors but even the best of these can't help but transfer some vibration, plus if the power fails the temperature is likely to rise faster than with a larger cellar), but most people cannot afford to have a proper temperature & humidity controlled wine cellar built in their house. Alternatively you can use an external storage company but that can be both expensive and inconvenient so this is definitely better than just whacking the bottles in a cupboard or under the stairs or on top of the fridge etc etc etc.

Details on the cabinet are here:
And details on the deal itself are here:

Promotion ends 31/3, with last claims to be received by 30/4/10

P.S. I was alerted to this through my membership of the wine society (http://www.winesociety.com.au/). They actually stated that the cabinet would be a V30 SG 2e which is similar but has two separate controlled zones so can also be used for storing two types of wine for serving - eg white/fizz at around 10 degrees, red around the 18 degree mark - and has an RRP of about $699. Possibly this is a special deal that the winesociety has arranged, but more likely is just a miscommunication. I've contacted them and will update when I find out more. Update - I can confirm that the wine society got it wrong - its's definitely not the 2e but will be the single zone model.
P.P.S. These apparently take about 1Kw/24H so (roughly) will cost around $0.18/day to run. Obviously this will vary depending on your energy costs, how much wine is in it, how often the door is opened and for how long, and what the ambient temperature is. Still, that works out roughly at $5 per month.

Edit: Just worked out that this cabinet actually should be able to hold easily 32 bottles(as shown in the picture), and in a pinch the maximum is actually 35.
Expiry date:2010/03/31
  • nelly2010/03/03 00:39:02
    How many bottles does it store please?
  • ninkasi2010/03/03 00:43:37
    EDIT: 35 (standard) wine bottles. See comment further down in the thread.
  • andrewm712010/03/04 08:57:50
    Cracking deal. Thanks for adding so much detail on it too. Off to see Mr Murphy's this evening.
  • Donkey2010/03/04 11:09:29
    These fridges are actually listed on Harvey Normans for $799 (assuming its the V30SGESS). The V30SG is $699.
  • Donkey2010/03/04 11:13:37
    A Delonghi single zone is around $835
  • ninkasi2010/03/04 12:49:30
    These fridges are actually listed on Harvey Normans for $799 (assuming its the V30SGESS). The V30SG is $699.

    It's a V30SG. The V30SGESS has an "e" alectronic (ie digital) temperature control and a "ss" stainless steel facia. The one on offer simply has a knob you turn to the desired temp and is black. Personally I'm happy with the knob - the electronic ones reset after a power outage to the default setting so if you were using the cabinet to store red wine at serving temperature, if the power went out briefly without your knowledge then you could find your wine is a bit chilly and you'd have to wait a while before being able to drink. The horror. The horror. ;-)

    They've recently released the V30SG2e that has the "2e" two electronically controlled zones (plus also a heater so can keep bottles warm should the external temperature drop below the set temp - this could happen in winter if you want red wine to be at say 18 degrees, or if you keep the thing in the garage - which I wouldn't recommend due to chemical/petrol/etc odours potentially getting into bottles over time) with, I believe, an RRP of $699 so it's quite likely that the V30SG used to have an RRP of $699 but has been dropped to $599 and Hardly Normals haven't changed their prices.

  • ninkasi2010/03/04 13:06:36
    A Delonghi single zone is around $835

    Personally I'd prefer a Vintec or Transtherm cabinet even if they were the same price - I like Delonghi but they make everything from toasters and heated towel rails, to deep fryers and barbecues. All Vintec/Transtherm do is make wine storage. Well, they source the things from France, Denmark, or China - actually, it would not surprise me one iota if some of the Delonghi and Vintec cabinets come from the same factory in China. Delonghi charge more because the general public recognise the name. Go into a restaurant and look at the wine storage there and it's more than likely going to be Transtherm or Vintec.

    Anyhow, if there was a problem in a year or two with the cabinet, I suspect I know who is more likely going to be able to resolve that issue faster....
  • ninkasi2010/03/04 13:50:54
    Oooh. When I just looked at the techhnical data of the thing here, it says you can fit up to 35 bottles in it.

    After an initial "huh?" moment, I realised that if you stack the wines normally eg on the top shelf you have five bottles, on the other three shelves you have five bottles, and on top of those five you have four, then the V30SG holds thirty two bottles. Five on the top row, and nine on the other three. If you look closely at the picture, that's what is being shown.

    If however, you stack the top row of bottles, on each of the bottom three racks, precariously on top of the lower row of bottles, I suspect you could squeeze in 35. You would have to be careful when removing a bottle from each of the top rows as the other bottles would have a tendency to roll down, but it would work. So nominal capacity 32 (5+9+9+9), maximum capacity 35 (5+10+10+10).

    Bonus! ;-)
  • Donkey2010/03/04 22:23:26
    Its a good deal ninkasi
  • Donkey2010/03/05 10:16:56
    I see winelist are also running this. Be interesting to see if their penfolds prices were cheaper.

    And so is Jacks Wine.
  • Wallaby2010/03/05 12:20:39
    You may wish to check before you purcahse wine as checked with Penfolds and not all stores are participating liquor outlets. Dan the Man is not one of them I was told.

    Still if your local bottle shop is and doesnt charge an arm and a leg still great deal.
  • ninkasi2010/03/05 14:07:04
    not all stores are participating liquor outlets

    Well spotted! Missed that in the fine print. The full details are:

    To claim a Vintec Wine Cabinet 30SG, consumers must, during the Promotion Period:

    4.1 spend a minimum of $120, in one transaction, on 6 or more bottles of Thomas Hyland, Koonunga Hill or Penfolds Bins range, in any combination, (provided a minimum of two Bins wines is purchased) (Eligible Purchases) from a participating liquor outlet (Outlet) for off premise consumption;

    4.2 collect a claim form located in the Outlet or visit Penfolds 2010 Bins Vintec Wine Cabinet Offer to download and print the claim form;

    4.3 fully complete the claim form including by providing their full name, address, contact number, and attach their original purchase receipt; and

    4.4 send the completed claim form together with payment of $150 ($100 for the Vintec Wine Cabinet and $50 postage and handling fee) by either bank cheque, money order or credit card (Visa and Mastercard only) to “Penfolds 2010 Bins Vintec Offer”, PO Box 686 Brookvale NSW 2100. Personal cheques not accepted.

    Note: Claims will only be accepted once payment is cleared and processed. Claimants paying by credit card will be charged a 3% surcharge, therefore claimants paying by credit card will be charged in total $154.50 (inc GST).

    There does not appear to be a list of particpating outlets I can find, but FYI I got my fix at the Wine Society - have to purchase at one of the stores, not online though.

    You don't have to be a member to buy stuff at the stores, but you do get a discount if you are a member. Membership is a once off cost of $50 (I believe refundable), but you do have to buy a minimum amount to maintain the membership. On joining you get a welcome pack of a few bottles of wine. If you join (1300-723-723) and quote my membership number [pm me if you are interested] I think you'll get a bottle of vintage fizz (not sure if that's as well as or instead of the normal welcome pack) and they might throw me something as well.... I've been a member of the society for years - I don't buy as much from them as I used to, but I do have a soft spot for the "quaffers" which generally make for good quality "barbecue wine" plus they sometimes do find something interesting - whether it's a limited release they've managed to pickup or something like this Vintec offer.

  • max0072010/03/05 14:25:55
    Cracking deal. Thanks for adding so much detail on it too. Off to see Mr Murphy's this evening.

    This deal is not Dan Murphy's try Porters Liquor
  • ninkasi2010/03/28 09:58:04
    Just a quick reminder that this offer ends this month ie the last day to *buy* the wine required to qualify is the 31st. You have until the end of April to then submit your claim.

    If you want to find who is offering this deal convenient to you, you can send a request on the site - allow at least one working day for a reply. As well as the locations mentioned previously in this thread, if you work in Melbourne/Southbank the current list apparently includes:
    [*]Cellarbrations 447 Little Collins Street
    [*]Iga Express Southbank 89 City Road Southbank
    [*]Old And Rare Wines 133 Queensbridge Street Southbank
    [*]Freshwater Iga 6 Freshwater Place Southbank
    [*]Prince Wine And Spirits 261 Clarendon St South Melbourne
    [*]Prince Wine Store 177 Bank Street South Melbourne

  • ninkasi2010/03/30 22:50:34
    One day left to go... :eek:
  • ninkasi2010/04/15 17:05:17
    Got a call this afternoon from the logistics/delivery company to arrange a suitable day for my fridge to be delivered! A reminder to anyone who has bought the wine but not yet submitted their claim - the cut off date is the end of this month.

  • ninkasi2010/04/22 23:10:18
    and the fridge was delivered today! Guy called in the morning to say they were coming around soon, but five hours later called to apologise about being delayed....hmmmm.... anyhow, it's in and all good.

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