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$USD10 T-shirts at Threadless

Posted By: nod, posted 2007/03/05 12:40
Threadless are an american merchant that will post to OZ. So you need to factor that in. But at the moment they have all (or very nearly all) their stock out for $USD10
I got 2 funky tshirts delivered for $USD28 ($AUS36.30 or so)
Not designs you are going to find in OZ
you need to use the attached coupon to get your $3 off
Sale only on until 12/03/2007
Expiry date:2007/03/12
  • nod2007/03/06 21:48:12
    Apparently you get a free coaster with every order too!
    Now that must be enough of an incentive to buy a new t-shirt
  • mouldgirl2007/03/06 21:50:55
    Hey nice t-shirts. I had never heard of Threadless before. I am definitely going to buy some and let you know what the quality is like. Thanks Nod :)
  • wheadle2007/03/06 22:21:50
    Just had a nosey. Some good t's there
    cheers. good price too. what is hte quality like? anyone know
  • nelly2007/03/08 00:04:05
    Never heard of them before, but I really like some of the tshirts. My son has picked 3, so shall let you know how it goes
    thanx for this
  • nod2007/03/08 21:15:55
    Apparently the discount code is not working anymore
  • stinkmeister2007/03/14 21:27:20
    I bought two shirts from here. Cheap as. Came to 36 bucks with delivery. There was quite a few pretty average designs but some really cool ones. My biggest grump is that a lot of the colours were really bland.

    Thanks BS

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