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USB Desk Organiser - Dock with the Lot!

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Posted By: Wally, posted 2008/03/12 00:16
USB Desk Organiser
Dock with the lot!
Product specs
Warmer and USB mood light pen holder 4 USB port hub
Easy installation, no driver required, plug & play
Powered by USB with 4 feet of cable
Compatible with PC, Linux and Macintosh platforms
Windows XP or Mac OS X and Linux (no drivers required)
USB 1.1 port
USB Vacuum
USB Cup warmer
USB Light
USB 4-port hub
size: 20.0cm x 23.5cm x 20.0cm
User guide

shipping: $6.90
Expiry date:2008/03/12
  • nod2008/03/12 01:04:52
    Great price for the 4. You would expect to pay at least $ for each.
    In fact the USB cup warmer is around $25-30 in a lot of stores

    I have not had a look at Deal Extreme though
  • nod2008/03/12 01:12:08
    Deal Extreme USB powered devices

    You can pick up a USB warmer for under $5 delivered and the light is under $5 too.
    If you factor in the shipping fees, you might come ahead using Deal Extreme
  • Wally2008/03/12 02:18:39
    Less cords and clutter is beta IMHO ;)

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