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Up to 20% off @ Threadless AND they still have $5 tees

Posted By: mouldgirl, posted 2008/12/15 22:26
Just got this in an email. If you had thought about getting a big order from Threadless then you can get a little bit of a discount using this offer. No code that I can find. The money is taken off just before you complete payment

10% off $50 spend
15% off $75 spend
20% off $100 spend
  • mouldgirl2008/12/15 22:41:18
  • queenshrew2008/12/15 23:05:14
    Great deal..

    But keep in mind it's in US dollars.

    Postage might be a killer if you spend over $100 in $5 t-shirts hehe :D
  • fairybelle2008/12/16 09:05:05
    yeah even though they are $5.00 the exchange rate including shipping might be the killer.
  • admin2008/12/16 18:49:12
    Dont they deliver free ? Or am I thinking of chargrilled.
  • admin2008/12/16 18:50:35
    ahh - nope - your right fairybelle. It costs.
  • fairybelle2008/12/16 20:53:13
    well i did a "pretend" shop and couldnt find any $5 tees that i liked in my size so i thought, well i have $45 with the $5 discount but then the postage was $15. so $60.00 USD for 5 tees, with the rate of roughly just 60cents i'dimagine, Argh not worth it.....

    I bailed on the basket of goodies.....
  • queenshrew2008/12/17 00:46:32
    I added 20 tees to get my total to $100 for the 20% discount.

    Postage was an eye popping $30++ *can't recall exact price*

    Bringing my total to over $115+ and after conversion it was close to $200

    I guess $10/tee is somewhat reasonable but I have no clue why I need all 20 tees as they'll all arrive after christmas :xmas2:

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