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Unlimited: Join team " Buckscoop" for a chance to win double passes to see "Hitman"

Posted By: geo78, posted 2007/11/26 18:58
if you are bored and you want some action, join the Hitman competition at http://www.inthemix.com.au/hitman. You can win double passes to see the movie or iPod shuffle or a trip to any festival in Australia. all you have to do is join the team "Buckscoop" and if our team is the biggest or the better at this game, we win double passes for the movie.
let's work as a team and win! :)
  • admin2007/11/27 20:04:03
    :D - 14 hits - one civilian ..... I'm practicing before I join
  • admin2007/11/27 20:10:30
    18 hits .... no civillians. See, my problem is that I get silly and shoot pedestrians for the fun of it.
  • admin2007/11/27 20:12:21
    23 hits .... 2 civilians... they shouldnt have been in that window really - what were they thinking.
  • MamaK2007/11/27 20:21:41
    voted hot for the community spirit :D
  • nod2007/11/27 21:52:55
    great idea...
  • fairybelle2007/11/27 22:03:43
    Ok im off to have a practice
  • fairybelle2007/11/27 22:07:52
    OK how do i sign up, ? Under Team?? then.....
  • admin2007/11/27 22:50:07
    You need to register first fairybelle and then join the Buckscoop team.

    Geo - are you the team admin ?
  • fairybelle2007/11/27 22:53:37
    So under agent name i just pick a name?
  • fairybelle2007/11/27 22:57:19
    Ok im a little slow. there is Team Buckie and team buckscoop... hehehe
  • admin2007/11/27 22:58:24
    team buckie ?? I didnt notice that
  • fairybelle2007/11/27 23:01:58
    yeah.... i just clicked buckscoop. now do i just wait for geo to add me?
  • lindanat2007/11/28 13:17:45
    Ive joined just waitng, dont hold my scores against me lol. Hey i play tho team spirit. Of course the free tickets will probaby be on a day i cant go knowing my luck BUT if i can help everyone get em then coolies
  • fairybelle2007/11/28 16:51:17
    Ok, i am added.... i kick butt at this.... i think?
    So let get playing people
  • fairybelle2007/12/01 17:57:32
    Hey guys we are coming 50th.... that is not much of an effort.....
    Im going to play again now to push us up the ladder hopefully...
  • admin2007/12/01 21:50:10
    50th - :D

    Ok - thats a challenge. Something wacky - it logs you out when you leave the window open for a while but forgets to let you know - so refresh the page before you go shooting.

    I've got to get a proper mouse plugged in - this laptop one just doesnt do it for accuracy and speed.
  • Michelle21542007/12/02 22:33:13
    we're now coming 39th.
  • admin2007/12/03 09:11:22
    that'll be because I've been blowing the baddies away all day. Think I've played twice as many games as have been recorded - you need to keep logging back in.
  • admin2007/12/03 09:34:28
    now 36th after some crack shooting from me....
  • Gallifrey2007/12/03 14:43:49
    I joined Hitman last night..... still waiting for the HITMAN Buckscoop Administrator to approve of me joining the team!!

    How long does it take?
  • admin2007/12/03 18:48:23
    I think its geo who's the admin - took a day or so for me to be approved.
  • fairybelle2007/12/04 22:39:45
    How do we know how many people are in the team?
  • fairybelle2007/12/04 22:45:49
    Also, just an update we are 25th!
  • Gallifrey2007/12/04 23:34:22
    24th now!!

    on the leaderboard is says we have 9 members

    The team coming first have over 500 members, how can we get more team members so we can win??? ;-)
  • fairybelle2007/12/05 20:36:33
    Well we have to refer HEAPS and HEAPS of people and get them all signed up and kicking butt....
    9 ONLY thats NO GOOD
  • admin2007/12/05 21:11:04
    :) - team whirlpool - it'd take 10 years to beat their score.
  • admin2007/12/05 21:11:34
    which reminds me - I should go use my allocation for the day
  • admin2007/12/05 21:12:28
    and then get some of my multiple personalities out

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