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Uncle Frank: Red Wine Appetizer Hamper! Plenty of liquid RED here ! $95.30 Delivered

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Posted By: vincent, posted 2007/06/06 06:43
One for Uncle & Aunty to enjoy!

A RED Wine Appetizer Hamper Pack in a RED & GREEN box!

Price at $96+5.96 Delivery Australia Wide
Take advantage of the Buckscoop Cashback of 5.6%
You will be paying $95.30 Delivered

Special Features
Hanging Rock 2004 Merlot 750mL
Thornton's Whisky Cake 250gm
Traditional Foods Coconut & Macadamia Shortbread 150gm
Ogilvie & Co. Garlic Nibbles 125gm
Bradsnax Caramelised Honey Macadamia N Peanuts 125gm
Sacla Green Olive Tapenade 90gm
Design Foods Rich Chocolate Sauce 150mL
Snax With Attitude Salted Mixed Nuts 50gm
Prestige Brie Cheese 125gm
2 x White Orchid Fudge 40gm
3 x Ernest Hillier assorted chocolates
  • Brad2007/06/06 22:08:09

    [B]Here is your next link:[/B]


    [B]And here is clue number 5:[/B]

    One half of Australias coat of arms

    I see thats from D-store. You might be able to get $15 off that price. It says it's expired, but the form is still successfully going through. Also, if it's your first order at D-Store, you get free shipping when you make an account.
    Makes a great gift!
  • nod2007/06/06 22:19:15
    I think we need to specify that Aunty needs to eat the chocolates :D aas they techincally were meant to be excluded.

    Thanks for the extar info Brad. Would be great if you could use the $15 off voucher - would make it a great gift then especially if you could then jag free delivery

    thanks Guys... well Billy thanks you :D
  • admin2007/06/06 22:20:06
    excellent additions Brad - very nice.

    maybe not ---- I just had a look at the $15 off and it has an expiry date of 31/05 - let me go see if its still working.

    hmmm. They also have a 'this offer is not valid in conjunction with any other offer' which sometimes (and I say only sometimes because it tends to be arbitrary) precludes cashback. Free shipping is still a good find. I do still personally hate dStore - they're a bunch of rip off merchants - not that that has any bearing on the deal vincent :)
  • nod2007/06/06 23:06:24
    Still a great gift :)

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