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TPG - Super Fast Standard 75GB For $50 - Upgrade For Free. Updated 4/09/09 it is 80GB for $50 now.

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Posted By: tricycle, posted 2009/08/30 10:51
Updated on Sept 4, It now free upgrade to 80GB (40Gb+40GB).
I just found about this this morning. It seem like if you are already on $50 55GB super fast standard plan , you now can upgrade to 75GB plan for free. There are also other changes to the other plan too. Check it out on the TPG website.
All you need to do is log in your account and change your plan. I think it wont reset your plan.
  • frogduck2009/08/30 11:39:38
    Hey tricycle, just curious, how is the TPG service? like speed/stability etc...?
  • tricycle2009/08/30 13:26:51
    They r great. Ive been with them for 18 months now and havent got any problem with them except for the setting and the very begining but once you've got through it, they r great. I've got ADSL2+, usual download speed is 900kb/sec using IDM.
  • lilpretzel2009/08/30 13:34:00
    I've been with them for 3 years, the only problem I had was when moving house but that was all Telstra's fault, TPG couldn't of helped more :)
  • frogduck2009/08/30 15:36:56
    ah wow, might consider churning to them later :) quite a lot cheaper than my amnet i think
  • fishmonkey2009/08/30 18:15:30
    whoever it was that first decided to use the term "churning" in that way has a great sense of humour...
  • frogduck2009/08/30 19:13:28
    yeah, i always wondered where the term came from lol
  • kennethkoh2009/08/30 20:13:31
    TPG is by far one of the best isp i've been with. I've been with them from 2004 - 2006 then moved to IINET for their adsl2+ (biggest headache ever... i had to call them every month to fix my problem) then back to TPG from 2007 till now...

    One thing I hated about TPG was their phone helpdesk HOWEVER... the fact that I never experienced any problem means that I've never called them in the in the past 2 to 3 years.
  • fishmonkey2009/08/30 20:29:13
    also, the speed/stability of an ADSL connection really depends a lot on your location, quality of the copper lines, and your equipment...
  • joelwilliam2009/09/04 00:34:56
    From what I've read on Whirlpool they seem to provide a B grade service, which most people seem happy with for the price/GB limit. However you will always get people who pay little and expect a lot, this is reflected in discount airline complaints...
  • sakinah2009/09/04 07:22:49
    its now 80gb for 50 bucks, tpg is fantastic, been with them for 2 years now and they have doubled the quota but still paying 50 bucks from the beginning
  • tricycle2009/09/04 17:30:06
    Yeah, you rite. Quality is good though, if say TPG provide B grade service, I wonder who provide A grade....and what the quality would be?
  • fishmonkey2009/09/04 17:49:13
    in terms of customer service, and decent plans (though nothing like TPG's), Internode is excellent in my opinion...
  • ozpete2009/09/07 18:00:00
    The above refers to adsl2

    if you are unfortunate enough not to be on one of their dslams or only a Telstra one, then if you look at their ADSL1 prices they are not competitive compared to exetel.

    So it depends on your circumstances ADSL2 = good deal ADSL1 = Average

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