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Topbuy Steal Of The Day - DVD Player 5.1 Ch DV-360 $19.95 + Free Shipping + 10% Voucher

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Posted By: gstok, posted 2008/03/09 12:05
Pay with Paypal and receive Free Shipping, and you may also eventually receive a 10% Voucher to use on your next purchase.


* Progressive scan function
* High-tech stylish ultra slim loader
* Dolby digital 5.1 CH surround
* Video/S-Video/YPRPB Output
* Digital Karaoke
* Mp3 playback
* Audio CD playback
* Jpeg Disc playback
* Karaoke playback

Dimension: 43 (W)x 27.5(D) x 4.6(H) cm

Package Content

* Main Unit
* AV Cable
* Remote Control
* User Manual
* Batteries


* 12 months manufacturer's warranty

Looks to be made by Base. No HDMI output.

** Topbuy may not pay the cashback due to the Paypal offer **
Expiry date:2008/03/10
  • lisss2008/03/09 12:32:18
    Wow, excellent. Topbuy have been doing well lately with their steal of the day, much better than COTD even!
  • lilpretzel2008/03/09 14:08:38
    Excellent deal again, lets hope they keep up with the excellent quality of products.

    gstok hope you don't mine I just popped a note in about using the paypal offer and added the voucher.

  • scatman002008/03/09 14:11:32
    if only it played div-x, ....woulda bought them all. :cool:

    Unfortunately i have no use for a dvd player that cannot.
  • gstok2008/03/09 14:18:28
    Hopefully better service and support than CoTD too (which won't be hard!). :)
  • lilpretzel2008/03/09 14:31:50
    Yes, if only they played Divx :twisted:

  • blackmyst2008/03/09 14:35:56
    Deal is now $19.95.
  • voteoften2008/03/09 14:36:47
    What is div-x?
  • Brad2008/03/09 14:44:10
    Deal is now $19.95.

    Just updated the original post blackmyst.
  • scatman002008/03/09 14:53:32
    What is div-x?

    Pm'd :twisted:
  • voteoften2008/03/09 14:53:39
    Deal is now $19.95.

    Looks like someone at TopBuy forgot to put in the GST originally! :whistling:
  • lisss2008/03/09 20:43:21
    What is div-x?

    Im interested to know that too!
  • Brad2008/03/10 11:36:21
    These are now http://www.topbuy.com.au/tbcart/pc/images/topbuy/bar06.gif
  • leny2008/03/10 12:02:12
    Im interested to know that too!

    They are files you download off the internet.
  • admin2008/03/10 20:01:45
    A wiki blurb can be found here. Basically divx is the name for the process by which a movie file is compressed.

    Every movie is just a file (or collection of) of some form. So whats on the DVD you buy is a file and soundtrack etc. Divx is just a mechanism for taking that native file and turning it into something a lot smaller without losing too much quality. The native file might be 4gb or so whereas the one processed using divx might only be 1gb depending on how tight the divx settings are when processed.

    Obviously when a file is reduced like this it makes it more transportable and downloadable, however anything wanting to play the divx'd file needs to have the divx bits to read the file, which is what this player was lacking.

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