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Tiger Airways "The Tiger has Landed in T4" Sale - $9.95 - MEL-LST!!

Posted By: dennisy, posted 2007/10/07 22:14
HOT off the press!! Tiger's new sale to celebrate their arrival in Melbourne Airport's Terminal 4.

And this time the sale is actually valid for travel during Xmas and New Year period :)

Only 15K seats available, so get in quick before the seats run out!

From Melbourne to:
Launceston AU$9.95
Gold Coast AU$19.95
Alice Springs AU$29.95
Mackay AU$29.95
Rockhampton AU$29.95
Sunshine Coast AU$29.95
Darwin AU$39.95
Perth AU$39.95

* Buy between 8 Oct and 9 Oct 07, or till seats run out. Fly from 23 Nov 07 to 31 Jan 08. Conditions apply.
Expiry date:2007/10/09
  • nod2007/10/08 13:35:48
    Hot Vote from me Dennisy
    The Melbourne to Perth flight for $40 is awesome
  • gstok2007/10/08 14:52:46
    Great deals and a website that not only didn't fail, but was also fast and responsive. I hope Jetstar take it for a spin and learn how pathetic their systems are in comparison, especially under high load.
  • dennisy2007/10/08 15:31:08
    Thnx Nod & Gstok for the hot votes :)

    I think the reason u will find the Tiger website so "responsive" is bcoz this deal has not actually been widely advertised yet :p

    Wait till they send out the Tiger snail emails ... then it might get a bit more congested :w00t:
  • nod2007/10/08 15:55:17
    Even better for us
    Thanks for the early bird tip Dennisy
  • gstok2007/10/08 15:58:28
    It's been headline news at The Age since 12.25pm so should have a fairly broad audience by now ;) But yeah I never got the email about it. Glad I've been pinging their website all morning! :)
  • lilpretzel2007/10/08 16:00:41
    Gee I'm not having much lucky lately when trying to book flights.

    At 2pm I had 4 seats available for my dates to Melbourne, got to the page to select your seats and wam bam nothing:mad: page wouldn't submit.

    Started again same thing, went back couldn't get the same dates, got another 4 tickets and got to the same point and yep page won't submit.

    Gee I so wanted a holiday in January to Melbourne :)
  • nod2007/10/08 19:15:46
    Do you think that the site was under pressure with a load of people?

    Sorry to hear if you missed out completely Lilpretzel :(
  • dennisy2007/10/09 08:21:21
    The Tiger Sale has unfortunately now ended :(

    Hope some of our fellow "buckscoopers" have managed to get some cheap Xmas fares :)

    Marking expired ...

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