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Temperature Sensing Glow Tap - $14.95 @ COTD +4.95% cashback!

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Posted By: Brad, posted 2008/01/13 22:43
These retail at Latest Buy for more than twice the price here, see this thread:

Bundled with a universal tap adaptor, this gadget comes with batteries included and is very easy to install.
Simply attach it by screwing it on, and turn on the cold tap!
Watch as your ordinary sink is illuminated with a bright blue light.
Now try the hot water tap it will go a deep red!
Expiry date:2008/01/15
  • Brad2008/01/14 15:44:50
  • bigal2008/01/14 16:55:22
    what happens when its luke warm water?
  • Brad2008/01/14 17:08:23

    It changes to Red once it reaches 30> degrees
  • trevorf2008/01/14 17:18:12
    what happens when its luke warm water?

    It flikers?
  • nod2008/01/14 19:02:59
    what happens when its luke warm water?

    It goes purple... :confused:
  • scatman002008/01/14 19:24:21
    Got one of these when they first had them.

    1. Only fits certain taps. (only fits one out of the three in our house)
    2. Is not nearly as bright as the picture make it seem. ( though still lights up reasonably well )
    3. Is sorta bulky so not very suited to a sink without a lot of clearance under the tap.

    Probably wouldn't have bought one if i could have seen and tried one first.
    It is sorta nifty though.
  • leny2008/01/14 19:29:54
    Note that the pictures are taken in the dark, so as said above, it wouldn't be as bright unless you cook in the dark, or in any case anyway.

    Although, what is the point of such thing? Can you not tell whether you have turned on hot or cold water? Maybe good for a novelty, or for parties, but I can't see the point for everyday use.
  • nod2008/01/14 20:43:23
    Thanks for the feedback Scatman00

    Leny I would have thought it may be a safety thing

    I have been burnt a number of times by taps that people run hot water through and then you wander along and try to wash your hands :eek:
    And for kids it might be a good idea I guess
    Though your water consumption might go through the roof :D
  • leny2008/01/14 21:01:48
    I know exactly what you mean nod. :D Sometimes in our bathroom someone leaves the hot tap open a little, and and the hot water collects down in the pipes, and then when I turn the cold tap on to quickly wash my hands, all the hot water comes out and gets me :eek:
  • fairybelle2008/01/14 23:16:38
    Im impressed ... i want one!
  • leny2008/01/14 23:28:22
    Make sure it would fit your tap before you do, fairybelle. :)
    Woo 200 posts. :D

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