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Target - SA Fulham Gardens Store

Posted By: Rebekah76, posted 2010/02/22 13:51
I was just in the Fulham Gardens (SA) store of Target and saw the following clearance items on the racks. (Monday 22nd am)

Kids Croc style shoes - many sizes and colours $4.86 a pair (sizes ranged from a toddler size 3 to about 7 or 8)
Girls and Boys summer sandals (approx size 5-8) between $9.86 and $14.86)
Men's T-shirts some less than $5, some racks less than $10.
Mr Big Shirts around $10, Mr Big cargo pants around $20 (can't remember exactly)

They also had a variety of women's clothes on clearance, although the prices weren't quite as low ($14.86-$20)

There is still some Christmas food stock going out cheap too. One I remember was a Jim Beam Cap with 2 x 100gm Jim Beam chocolates for $4.86 - but there were quite a few others.

Ferrero Rocher 16 pack was about $5 I think from memory - I expect with a short date.

Anyway, if you live close and are going past, it's worth a trip as they are marking summer stock down quite well.

(and the foodland next door always has great bread and dairy markdowns if you're in the neighbourhood)
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