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Target - Clearance Crayola Products

Posted By: queenshrew, posted 2010/02/10 12:11
Was in Target yesterday and they were clearing out some of their lines.
Night lamp with 3 crayons $49.95 reduced to $14.99
Foam Cutter $32.95 reduced to $12.89
Colour stackers for 6m+ $24.95 reduced to $6.89
Twister markers x6 $7.95 reduced to $2.88

Just some of the stuff off the top of my head..
Plus I took some photos with my phone that I'm posting below ^^

Great for baby gifts or for older kids..craft projects.
I bought a few things and am really happy with my buy..esp the night lamp..it's soooo cute!

Only whilst stocks last obviously...
  • queenshrew2010/02/10 12:13:52
  • femme172010/02/10 14:16:38
    thanks for the info queenshrew, I bought the rainbow tower for my friend's little baby. The gian colouring books & the explosions still full price at Morley Targer, WA unfortunately...
    btw, what's the night lamp look like?
  • queenshrew2010/02/10 15:13:44

    btw, what's the night lamp look like?

    It's in my last picture..but I guess that's not very clear.
    Here's another picture I pinched...

    You can draw on his tummy
    The light functions on C sized batteries :D

    It's so cute!

    Just wanted to add that they also have this product for $14.99 at the Target I was at (link is to US Toysrus where they have the product for US$29.99):
  • femme172010/02/10 15:26:05
    thank you :)
    Might check another target tomorrow!
  • golfwidow2010/02/10 19:45:13
    Great post Queenie. Thanks heaps. Especially for the pics :) Going to check mine out soon.
  • queenshrew2010/02/11 10:01:36
    Yeah. products might vary from store to store, depending on what they have..
    As it's a clearance that is not in the catalogue nor advertised... :)

    So best to check your local store.
    But they're obviously clearing out 'certain' lines.
    The store I was at..they had lots of everything when I was there as they have just recently put out the things (Although some stuff has sold out quickly).

    I was at Target Indooroopilly, Queensland
  • melscott282010/02/11 20:06:51
    Nothing on clearance at my store in wa

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