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Super Saturday Sale - Saturday 29th @ Harvey Norman

Posted By: Darkshrimp, posted 2008/11/28 20:22
Just heard on the radio, Harvey Norman super saturday. 29th of Nov. Whole day of great deals

from 6am to 8am for two hours, there's a Panasonic Cordless phone going for $29 *limited two per customer*

Canon MiniDV camcorder going for $199

LisaMaree: hair straightener for $5

Be sure to go in and grab one.
Expiry date:2008/11/29
  • Brad2008/11/28 20:28:49
    Thanks darkshrimp
    Would be interesting to know how many of the cordless phones they have in stock..
  • Darkshrimp2008/11/28 20:33:42
    yea, i would like to get myself one. But i reckon you need to do it first thing in the morning. There's a lot of bargain hunters out there
  • LisaMaree2008/11/28 21:30:23
    There is a hair straightener for $5
  • Victorious2008/11/29 01:30:27
    Panasonic Cordless phone going for $29

    Not good enough, it can be found for the same price elsewhere. No speakerphone as well.
  • Tran2008/11/29 02:30:53
    yeah, they've been selling those phones for a while now. well in the megacentre near me neways. its either those of philips brand ones.
  • Brad2008/11/29 18:46:13
    Anyone snag a bargain? :)
  • Darkshrimp2008/11/29 19:42:17
    I did snatch some batteries, 12 pack for $3. haha philips too~! :whistling:
  • andwis2008/11/29 22:24:09
    Got a Toshiba 32" HD LCD TV for $698.
    Excellent picture.
  • photographyisart2008/11/30 22:15:06
    Wow that sounds like a pretty good bargain to me andwis!!
    and Welcome to buckscoop!

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