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Rodenstock rimless glasses, including lenses - $46.00 (RRP $385 for frames alone)

Posted By: ninkasi, posted 2010/03/10 13:00
Nice looking, good quality frames *with lenses* for an amazing price...

The lenses include Anti-Reflective, Scratch Resistant and UV protective coatings. Every order also comes with a cleaning cloth, custom case and fitting/tightening tool, absolutely free.

Better yet - I used the coupon code "thankyou" and got a 10% discount. (There is another coupon "tellafriend" for 20% off, but it didn't work for me)

They actually have quite a decent selection of "designer" frames available, and they have an option of uploading a photo of your head so you can "virtually" try on the glasses. Not as good as trying them on in a shop, but a nice feature compared to other online sites. I guess if you could be bothered, you could identify some frames you like then go to an optometrist and try to find the same (or similar) and try it on. Might be hard to do that, though, as the range of frames is huge and most shops can only have a small selection available.
  • ninkasi2010/03/10 13:20:29
    FYI These were a little too big for my face, and the smaller 4477 were a bit too round, so I actually went for a pair of these (https://www.clearlycontacts.com.au/glasses/frames/nascar-tony-stewart-04-brn/prod25266.html) $48 (RRP$275, not including lenses) instead. Not as big a discount, but still pretty decent and being "memory metal" should be quite robust. I also "upgraded" the lens to a thinner/stronger one so all up it will cost me about $80. I say "will" because for some reason, at the time the site would not accept my credit card details - but they have the option for them to send an invoice with the glasses, and you have 30 days to pay after arrival. Nice. If there's something wrong, you can just pay for the shipping one way as they don't charge for returns....

    I recently bought a pair of glasses at BigW (so quite cheap compared to most optometrists) and they cost $468 all up. The frame was $258 so the lenses (Extra thin, anti-reflective coating, hardened) cost $210. After claiming back from Medibank Private Extras, my out-of-pocket expenses were $287. Although I suspect I can't claim the cost of the glasses from a place like this, even so I would be way ahead. My plan is to still go to a "real" optometrist every other year at least to have my eyes checked & get a new set of glasses, but I might use a place like this for the "backup" glasses (there's a limit to how much I can claim per year, so the second set can end up being pretty expensive).

    How do they do it? Well I expect they get a good deal somewhere on the lenses, and that the frames - in particular the heavily discounted ones - are last year's models, and include some of the less popular models (eg a lot of "brown" frames). Even so, I'm not a fashion junkie - and I suspect that there would be a handful of frames in there that would suit most people.

    I also got a set of prescription swimming goggles - $14.99 - so now I can take the kids to the pool and not risk losing my glasses in the water, or worry about long term damage to the frames due to the chemicals, or not wear the glasses and lose a kid....

    For those of you lucky enough to have decent eyesight, or who use contacts, I'd also note they have sunglasses.... but I think the major savings are for people like me with bung eyes!
  • ninkasi2010/03/10 14:51:25
    Oh, there are of course other discount online optical suppliers eg:

    visiondirect (use coupon "VDcoupon09" for free shipping. Also seems to be a link on the site for free insurance).

    http://www.zennioptical.com/. $USD, Own brand frames. Stupid cheap, though. Start at $8 - including lenses - for the pug-ugliest. We're talking virtually disposable glasses. All lenses are anti-scratch, and extras like anti-reflection cost $5. That would be $60 at BigW and more at a standard optometrist..... "Super thin with anti-reflection" at Big W would be $180, at this mob it would be $37+$5=$42. $USD sure, but still..... Oh - actually "super thin" is 1.61 index so that would be $17+$5=$22. The $37 is for 1.67 index which is "Ultra Super Thin". Yes there is another level now 1.74 "UltraX Super Thin". What else... ummm... photochromic is $27 versus $100.....

    Optical4Less. The entry level glasses are not as cheap as Zenni though....

    Oh - some also have prescription swimming goggles eg Swimming Goggles Glasses - $33 including shipping (using the voucher) and a "lens care kit worth $30". Yeah. Sure it is. ;-) So more expensive that the ones I got at clearlycontacts, but they do seem to have a wider range of powers to choose from...
  • ninkasi2010/03/10 18:04:49
    Just realised - they would be frameless glasses frames..... you'd think that if the glasses were frameless then you shouldn't have to pay for frames at all, let alone $385... :rolleyes:

    edit: ah... I'm tired... They are actually rimless, not frrameless!
  • ninkasi2010/03/11 15:36:52
    ....and just got notification in the mail that my order has been shipped. I don't have a complex prescription, but even so that's pretty darn fast. We'll see how long it takes for them to arrive!
  • spodosaurus2010/03/12 02:51:11
    I'm giving these fellows a try, too. I didn't see any spot to enter the codes you mentioned in your initial post. The price is right, I need a backup pair, and the frames are my size.
  • Wally2010/03/12 03:16:00
    Whats the shipping cost?
  • wheadle2010/03/12 07:36:39
    Whats the shipping cost?

    Here is all the Shipping information I found


    Because of the volume of contact lenses that we ship, we are able to keep approximately 90% of all possible contact lens prescriptions in stock.

    If your prescription falls into the most common parameters we will process your order the day we receive it and ship it either that day or the following day. Orders received between 7:30 PM (EST) on Friday and 9:00 AM (EST) Monday will be processed Monday and shipped as soon as possible-pending availability of the contact lenses ordered.

    Please keep in mind that if you order a less common prescription it may take slightly longer to process, especially toric lenses (which often have to be special-ordered and can take up to an additional 5 business days to process). We appreciate your patience.

    [COLOR="Red"]Priority Delivery (4-10 business days after 2-day processing) is $9.95
    Courier Delivery (2-3 days after 2-day processing) is $15.95[/COLOR]

    A handling surcharge of up to 7.75% may be applied to your order. This charge will be included in all totals displayed throughout the ordering process, and is due to the fact that Clearly Contacts' distribution partners have recently increased their charges by as much as 20%. Clearly Contacts will continue to absorb as much of this increased cost as possible in order to continue to provide our customers with the lowest possible prices.
    We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are not able to send Courier deliveries to P.O. Boxes, Rural Routes, campsites and general delivery addresses.



    Because contact lenses are a prescription product, there is no sales tax. You simply get what you pay for with NO hidden costs! Order online or simply call us toll free at 1800 639 478 and one of our knowledgeable representatives will help you save up to 50%.

    Originally I liked the look of the 30 day warranty but apparently this only applies to unopened items. They can't mean the glasses surely? What if you really hate them? :D
  • huntresslove2010/03/12 12:02:44
    is shipping still $4.95 to Australia?
  • ninkasi2010/03/12 12:12:10
    I'm giving these fellows a try, too. I didn't see any spot to enter the codes you mentioned in your initial post. The price is right, I need a backup pair, and the frames are my size.

    After you've added a pair to the shopping cart, underneath the shipping information is a single line "Have an Offer Code? Click Here". Click on the "click here" and an entry box appears where you can put in the coupon! Cheers.
  • ninkasi2010/03/12 12:21:59
    is shipping still $4.95 to Australia?

    That would be Zenni. It cost me $9.95 for shipping from these guys, but on the other hand the 10% discount voucher effectively wiped the cost of that (as I also bought the swimming goggles & upped the lens to the thin & light job so my total was closer to the $100 mark). I would note that there was also a $5.88 handling charge though....
  • ninkasi2010/03/24 13:06:41
    So box arrived this morning. Initial observations:
    [*]Time from order to delivery was pretty much as good as, or better than, ordering at an optometrist (also ordered a pair at BigW the following day, and those are yet to arrive)
    [*]Shipping box is nice and solid, good protection, plus easy to open. Nice.
    [*]The $30 value tool & cleaning cloth is as you would expect - a nice freebie but is probably worth no more than $2
    [*]The swimming goggles are well made, came in a clear hard case, and at last I will be able to see at the pool! Issue with them is that the bridge is hard and is not comfortable on the nose - so would not be good for extended periods. Great value for the price, but let down by the design for me. It comes with three different size replaceable bridges/nose pieces plus some ear plugs! Unfortunately the goggles appear to be exactly the same design as available at visiondirect that cost twice as much so I'll just have to put up with these as they are for the moment. Probably would be fine for people with a different shaped face than mine eg if your nose was on your chin rather than between the eyes... perhaps! I also have a large head so the strap itself was too short - swapped it with one from my pair of "Zoggs" (that was *just* long enough) and it was fine.
    [*]The glasses are exceptionally good for the price. The lenses are spot on for the prescription. I got the 1.61 high index lenses - for my prescription and with the small lenses the frame needed, I think 1.67 would have been better but even so they look really good. My wife, who does not impress easily, was amazed with both the quality & price.
    [*]The finish is good - not perfect, but more than acceptable. Some of the holes drilled into the lenses (I ordered a rimless pair) are not perfect when looking at them very closely.... but it's not something that you notice unless you really really look closely at the glasses themselves specifically looking for flaws.
    [*]The case is a nice solid case, spring loaded. "Clearly Contacts" logo embossed on the top, but quite discreet.
    [*]The packing list included details about Australian insurance providers (Australian Health Management, Australian Unity, HCF (contacts only), Manchester Unity, and NIB plus item numbers. I use Medibank Private so may not be able to claim, but I had not expected to be able to claim through my insurance fund at all - and didn't care because the price was so cheap. This means next year, for example, I might be able to get a number of glasses and *not* pay any excess at all.

    Overall I'm really impressed, and so far I haven't had to pay a cent (I have thirty days to pay from the invoice date). They are registered in Australia as a business, have a 1800 number to call if there are issues, and have a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. I would definitely consider - actually probably will - use these glasses as everyday jobs, not just as "emergency". I will also definitely have no hesitation to order from them again, and now I know that the quality is good will probably go for the even thinnner 1.67 or 1.74 lenses.

  • ninkasi2010/03/24 15:26:33
    Further interesting point is the box has come from California - so I suspect that the glasses etc are probably all assembled etc in asia somewhere, but then shipped to the US in bulk where I expect they undergo some sort of QA process before being sent off to the customer....
  • Donkey2010/03/24 19:47:23
    they undergo some sort of QA process before being sent off to the customer.

    Or they're shipped straight from the manufacturers.
  • ninkasi2010/03/24 20:01:38
    Or they're shipped straight from the manufacturers.

    Possible of course, but for the price I doubt they're made in the USA....

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