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Rivers - Mens pinstripe suit, $38, 4 days only

Posted By: olivialee, posted 2009/01/09 15:18
Men's Pinstripe Suit $38

On sale from Saturday 10th January to Tuesday 13th January.

Only available on 2664MSUIT and 2662MSUIT only.

Available in all retail, clearance and online stores.
Expiry date:2009/01/13
  • fairybelle2009/01/09 16:17:19
    Do they have womens suits this cheap? This price is incredible
  • Wally2009/01/09 16:40:14
    Seems they do called CatHouse

    Hmmm .. DogHouse and CatHouse ? ... is that where you store them after the Summer and the Polyester do their thing after a coupla outings !!?
  • tchiseen2009/01/09 21:23:46
    It has to be said, their TV ads are rubbish, as is their website, but that's a darn cheap suit.
  • mouldgirl2009/01/09 21:42:54

    Yep. That is the links. You can chose either a skirt or a pair of trousers with the womens :) $14 +$24 = $38



    I prefer the skirt
  • mouldgirl2009/01/09 21:45:21
    Correction. I can't find the mens. Sorry. Got too excited by the womens. I even tried to search the style number given in the OP but came up a blank
  • lilpretzel2009/01/10 07:34:44
    [CENTER][LEFT]Sale starts today so keep checking the website ;)

    Hubby has the plain black suit and for $38.00 who cares if he falls down drunk at the wedding and wrecks it :)
  • lilpretzel2009/01/10 08:26:44
    Suits are now showing up.

  • ntowill2009/01/10 08:40:19
    I looked at the 'doghouse' suits instore a few weeks ago (last time they had the same deal) and didn't like what I saw and definately wasn't keen on trying it on. The fabric is the terrible shiny/scratchy polyester. I've seen plenty of semi-decent suits around for $99 which is double the price, but more likely to wear it and not feel like a tool. :)

    Or if you want a good suit, I saw in the paper today Myer are taking an extra $100 off suits already reduced to $299 or $399 - eg FLAIR suit originally $499 now $199 (after extra $100 off).

    Personally I wouldn't waste my money on these Doghouse ones. That's my two cents worth (or should it be five cents nowdays?)
  • admin2009/01/10 09:29:30
    :D - hows the model - think they could have chosen a better one
  • ntowill2009/01/10 09:57:01
    I don't think their advertising budget is very big - their TV ads are shocking as well. :w00t:
  • fairybelle2009/01/10 22:57:20
    I don't think their advertising budget is very big - their TV ads are shocking as well. :w00t:

    i guess thats how they keep the prices so cheap...

    Has anyone brought one of these suits before?
  • lilpretzel2009/01/10 23:31:16
    Hubby has the plain black suit fairybelle and for $38.00 + $6 shipping we aren't complaining


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