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Peters of Kensington - Jendi - Black Pure Silk Scarf - NOW ONLY $2.00 Was $20.00

Posted By: lilpretzel, posted 2009/04/16 13:39
Now this is a bargain! ONLY $2.00

I grabbed a couple to put away for presents + will give some to the school for the Mothers Day stall.

These sumptuously soft scarves are made from pure silk, totally luxurious in every way, theyre what every outfit needs, its just a matter of choosing which colour to wear

# Made form pure silk.
# Hand wash in warm water.

Colour: Black.
Dimensions: Approximately 85 x 85cm.

** Don't forget Paypal Free Shipping offer **
  • lilpretzel2009/04/16 13:50:40
    There are so many bargains it's not too hard to reach $60 to obtain Free Shipping.

    I saved $11 for shipping to QLD and a friend saved a whooping $25 for shipping to Perth :eek:

    Peters of Kensington Discount Code - Free shipping on orders over $60 With PayPal - Ends 7th May

  • nod2009/04/17 01:03:57
    $2 delivered is a great price. A nice well priced mothers day gift :D
  • craftykiwi2009/04/17 07:02:53
    Like the Key-shirts even if they are a gimmick. Then again the Skeleton Key Set that glow in the dark would certainly make it a lot easier to find the keys when you're coming home at night.
  • lilpretzel2009/04/17 17:21:50
    [SIZE=5][COLOR=Red][SIZE=3][FONT=Palatino Linotype][COLOR=Indigo][SIZE=4]ok hands up, who purchased them all[/SIZE] [/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]:p

    [FONT=Palatino Linotype]Temporarily out of stock![/FONT]
  • admin2009/04/17 17:29:56
    :) - bit like - "who ate all the pies"

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