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Officeworks - Duracell 9 Volt Batteries 5 Pack $12.95

Posted By: craftykiwi, posted 2008/04/29 17:08
If you haven't already replaced your smoke detector batteries when daylight saving ended then this might be a good deal.

Office works has a 5-pack of Duracell 9 Volt batteries for $12.95 - save $7. (Works out approx. $2.60 each.)
Expiry date:2008/05/14
  • admin2008/04/29 17:12:21
    :) - I need some of these for the smoke detector after having borrowed the one in it to use elsewhere - thanks crafty.
  • craftykiwi2008/04/29 17:19:01
    Naughty, naughty ...
    Do I smell something burning?
  • admin2008/04/29 17:26:27
    :D - that'd be the ceiling.
  • ozpete2008/04/30 02:19:25
    I know this is a good deal for duracell batteries, but I find that Alkalines in a smoke detector are overkill. in my case they lasted about 10 months vs 7 plus for Heavy duty eg Toshiba/Panasonic.

    The latter can be bought for $2 or less from the Reject Shop - GoLo/Warehouse/CrazyClarks - Supercheap Auto. And they lasted the extended daylight savings time period which is what all experts suggest is optimum time to replace - ie 2X a year.

    Also you don't have to buy more than you need.

    If you need the batteries for another purpose then these Duracells at this price are a good deal.
  • craftykiwi2008/04/30 07:04:33

    Also you don't have to buy more than you need.

    Hubby may have gone slightly overboard in our house but we have 5 or 6 smoke detectors so need more than one battery. (No not obsessive, just very protective or safety conscious especially with regards to the children.)

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