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Officeworks: Canon Pixma IP1900 Inkjet Printer -$19.00 online only (Try In store as well)

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Posted By: subtorrent, posted 2009/01/14 00:02
Available @ Officeworks online only

Canon Pixma IP1900 Inkjet Printer

The PIXMA iP1900 Inkjet printer is built with FINE (Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) technology which ejects consistent 2 picolitre ink droplets with remarkable accuracy for smoother, sharper and more detailed images.

4800 x 1200 dpi
Fast 6" x 4" photo print speed of approximately 55 seconds
Borderless photo prints up to A4 size

Included in the Box: PIXMA iP1900 Inkjet Printer, Setup CD-ROM and printed documents, 2 genuine Canon cartridges, power cord and 12 month warranty card
  • admin2009/01/14 00:15:04
    nice comparitive price subtorrent - thanks.
  • nod2009/01/14 09:03:29
    Well, inkjets are rarely adept at producing good text, and you certainly shouldn't be expecting high-calibre reproduction from the Canon Pixma iP1900. Even in the finest mode (at about 1.9 pages per minute), text is rather fuzzy and poorly defined. However, the results are legible, and the middle mode (with a ppm of 6.3) produces readable results at a reasonable rate

    From PC World
    $49 cheapest online on Staticice so good price - thanks :)
  • donna61972009/01/14 09:10:03
    Tried to order but cart comes up with none in stock and a message that this item cannot be placed on backorder.
  • admin2009/01/14 09:32:40
    Bit wierd - it's carrying my order of one right the way through to payment. Didn't buy it as I don't need one but there wasn't any indication that it was out of stock on the route there.
  • lilpretzel2009/01/14 09:35:57
    Same here, item is in stock for me :)
  • melissanj2009/01/14 12:14:05
    can someone please let me know how much shipping is??
  • melissanj2009/01/14 13:58:33
    cool thanks emels :D
  • Bullion782009/01/14 18:08:03
    cheaper than the ink cartridges.
  • donna61972009/01/14 19:03:10
    Same here, item is in stock for me :)

    How do you find out that it is in stock?

    When I view my Cart it shows Qty 1, Avail 0, BO 1 and then next to it is a warning icon that means the item cannot be placed on backorder - but maybe I'm doing something wrong.
  • admin2009/01/14 19:52:18
    ahhh - ok - am now getting the same as you - not avail for backorder with none in stock. Think it needs to be expired. Shame - was a very cheap price.
  • Spackbace2009/01/14 21:09:35
    First time poster, long time lurker :P

    Just bought 1 here. no backorder showing :) worked out to around $30 delivered
  • nod2009/01/14 21:31:05
    First time poster, long time lurker :P

    Just bought 1 here. no backorder showing :) worked out to around $30 delivered

    Well done!

    Welcome to Buckscoop Spackbace :)
    Nice to see you pick up a bargain
  • ozpete2009/01/15 08:55:46
    For those who have missed out ... Dick smith has the MP240 for $64

    Has $50 worth of paper and CD's included free by redemption and canon keeps you informed of your redemption progress even at say $40 discount value thats only $24 net cost

    It has more features as it's multifunction - copy scan print
  • admin2009/01/15 12:37:37
    Thanks Spackbace. Have just unexpired the deal - checked and the little warning sign has come off.

    Took me 5 looks at your forum name to work out what it actually was. Couldn't get backspace out of my head.
  • Tran2009/01/15 19:26:11
    I have the MP240, got it for $58 at Domayne a while back. It comes with a 50qty 6x4 photo paper in the box and then u can claim the redemption thing on the website to get a t-shirt press pack and i think another 50 pack of photo paper.

    The printer is quite good for the price and the ink price is ok too.

    I while after i bought it, i saw a HP (480?) scan/print that was sold for $29 at officeworks and i checked the printer ink costs were substantially lower (+ free delivery).
  • kingyubbo2009/01/16 02:12:14
    This is not Online only guys. I went to my local officeworks and they had a pile of them with the $19 sign.
  • lilpretzel2009/01/16 05:22:00
    Thanks kingyubbo, added it to title.

  • golfwidow2009/01/16 20:25:39
    When I tried to use link it showed the specs but when I went to add it to my cart it came up that it couldn't find the item. So I changed the link back to the main site and when you enter name in search section it comes up and can be added to basket as normal :)

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