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Posted By: ashley7070, posted 2007/05/21 22:39
Selling for $500 on ebay and $530 in some shops. Advertised in the Herald Sun Gadget section for $650.

It has Award winning Route 66 Navigation software pre-loaded with Navteq data.


* Dimensions: 109 x 81 x 30 mm
* Weight: 205 g
* Colour: black
* Power: 10.5VDC to 16.5VDC
* Display: 3.5 inch touch screen, up to 65,536 colors, 320 x 240 pixels
* GPS Receiver: Internal
* TMC Module: External (optional)
* Exchangeable memory: 2GB SD (full size)
* CPU: S3C2440 Samsung, 400MHz
* Internal memory: 64MB

Sales package contents

* Nokia Gooseneck HH-14
* Nokia Mobile Holder CR-79
* Nokia Mobile Charger DC-3
* Nokia Memory Card MU-39
* Nokia USB Data Cable CA-10
* Route 66 Navigate 7 navigation system
* Reference Guide
  • ashley70702007/05/22 13:40:02
  • nod2007/05/22 21:43:34
    so does the award winning software mean it is less likely to get you lost? :D
    Voted hot!!! I have heard that these are quite a good sat nav unit. Nice little saving there too
  • admin2007/05/23 18:17:10
    Ashley - you dont know off the top of your head whether any of these personal ones do marine charts and streetmaps? Am I right in assuming you could probably just bang in another chart set to get marine ?
  • sandgroper2007/05/23 19:24:24
    Not sure about the Nokia units but Garmin, Magellan and Navman GPS units will download Garmin or Magellan GPS charts or transfer waypoints and route data to and from other PC-based GPS chart products such as Admiralty Chartplotter or Maptech.

    Then of course the cheapest way if you have a spare laptop is to buy a GPS module for it and then get some digitised charts (eg: Imray or Cmap) for the area your interested in loaded onto the laptop.

    Not much good for use when walking the streets in a strange port I know but a good big screen result for when sailing.
  • admin2007/05/23 20:35:26
    :D - have you seen the price of the imray, cmap and navionics charts .... they're fantastic but the prices are dopey. Cmap's reasonable at least but they're raster not vector which is their downfall. You can literally buy half a world folio of paper charts for the same price as it costs you to get Navionics for the mediterranean (not that I'd be exaggerating here :D)

    I've got to have a look at the new models of the Garmin / Magellan units. It'd be seriously handy to have a handheld with both sets.
  • sandgroper2007/05/23 21:52:40
    Well OT but...My last marine kit was a Decca radio beacon positioner, you plotted waypoints and the screen gave you a compass heading and distance. Old tek now but I remember plotting to a buoy in thick fog some miles away and arriving dead on it, the guy with me had his bottom jaw surgically fitted back as he just couldnt believe it was that good. Had some tidal luck too that day ;-)
  • nod2007/05/25 21:13:45
    You a bit of a sailor sandgroper?
  • sandgroper2007/05/25 21:22:45
    No, a red snapper man, the wife cant get enough of them.
  • nod2007/05/25 21:28:15
    red snapper is a fish?
  • sandgroper2007/05/25 21:31:05
    Yes Nod it is ;-)
  • nod2007/05/25 22:11:05
    so you are a fisherman, not a sailor :D
  • admin2007/05/26 00:31:31
    a very tasty one.... the snapper that is .... not sandgroper

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