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New Superb 28 cm Steel Pan Induction Cooker $69.95 plus $8 shipping

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Posted By: sandgroper, posted 2007/05/08 02:40
With a 90% thermal efficiency level, this unit is incredibly eco-friendly. The optimised software and microcomputer chip work in unison to ensure that your meals will be heated to perfection. Simply delicious!

Box Includes:

Induction cooker
Stainless steel pan
High quality induction cooker
Stainless steel pan
Led screen display operation panel with power key
Heating/constant working mode
Heating/constant indicator light
Timing selector key
Timing indicator light
Temperature indicator
Easy to clean
Energy saving - thermal efficiency is above 90%
Optimised working software and microcomputer chip
  • sandgroper2007/05/08 17:40:49
    Overall size: 36cm X 33cm
    Ceramic plate: 28cm X 25cm
    Stainless steel pan diameter: 28cm
    Carton dimension: 40cm x 19.8cm x 36cm
    Material : ceramic crystal glass , stainless steel boiler
    Rated voltage: 220 - 240V
    Rated frequency: 50Hz
    Max. input power: 1600W, 1800W, 2000W
    Power adjustment range: 400 W --- 2000W
    Temperature adjustment range: 70 ---240
    Suitable boiler diameter: 12cm to 28cm
    G.W : 3.8 kg

    Induction cooking is not some radical new technology: it has long been widely used around the world. But, for some reason (perhaps a lack of adequate information and explanation), when first introduced some years ago it never quite caught on. Till quite recently, few outside professional circles had even heard of it, and those who had were often confused about just what it is. But, more or less all of a sudden, that is finally changing. Indeed, some familiar with the field are suggesting that within five to ten years induction cooktops may almost completely capture the field for new installations, worldwide
  • nod2007/05/08 20:45:37
    Software in cooking pots? :confused:

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