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Netcomm BP504UK 54Mbps Wireless Firewall Router & Wireless USB Adapter, $79.95 @ Kmart

Posted By: fishmonkey, posted 2009/01/12 12:12
also in the "Good stuff for school" catalogue, this is a 54Mbps wireless router which integrates a firewall, NAT-router, and wireless AP all in one...

if you already have a broadband connection, connecting this to your existing modem will enable you to have a wireless network (as well as 4 ethernet ports)...

here is the product page on the Netcomm site:

also includes a USB wireless stick...

you can get better prices online, but once you factor in shipping, this is a competitive price... also, refunds and exchanges at Kmart are very straightforward...
Expiry date:2009/01/21
  • wfdTamar2009/01/12 17:32:46
    For the non techo's - Please note that you need an ADSL modem as well (which you most likely have). It's not in this device. This device allows you to have a wireless network in your house. Also should have 4 network connection ports on it for connecting computers with wires.

    It is only the G speed of wireless which is being superseded by the faster N type (not really a concern for most normal uses though). N is only needed for things like big file transfer and HD video streaming.

    This is nothing to do with wireless broadband (which works on the mobile phone networks).
  • fishmonkey2009/01/12 18:32:13
    thanks, i'll add some of that info into the deal for those who might miss it in the comments...
  • admin2009/01/12 19:50:44
    Just a note for anyone thinking about buying this. You can get the unit cheaper from places like MSY - $69 or MegaBuy $61 - but unless you can pick them up from store the delivery charge will pretty much negate the difference ($15.50 or so from Megabuy).

    I'm not sure why you'd not just get yourself a straight ADSL modem.
  • fishmonkey2009/01/12 19:55:38
    i get what you are saying (and i use ethernet when i'm at my desk), but it's not usually very practical stringing ethernet cables all over the show if people in your house like to wander around with their computers...
  • wfdTamar2009/01/13 08:59:41
    Most people considering it would be those with either a plain adsl modem they got when they signed up for broadband, or they might have an adsl modem/router which doesn't have the wireless bit. This might seem a cheap way to add wireless, but it is more complicated than having one unit that does does it all. Unless you are really pushed for money I'd recommend the latter approach. An all in one unit shouldn't cost too much more than $120-130.
  • fishmonkey2009/01/13 09:07:21
    this recent thread has lots on info about this subject...


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