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Mirenesse - Up To 85% Off Sale & Free Shipping All Of June

Posted By: blondieo, posted 2009/06/05 08:57
There's a stocktake sale on at Mirenesse throughout June plus Free Shipping on all orders...

I think the prices change everyday on the products, so keep an eye out!

My favourite Mascara is the secret weapon super curl mascara - it's usually $35 now only $15.75 - Pretty good saving...
Expiry date:2009/06/30
  • kazyazy2009/06/05 10:21:22
    I love the Emulsion Soft Focus Cream Foundation I am always waiting for a special so I can grab some RRP $59.90 NOW$ 23.60

    Thanks for the deal :)
  • lilpretzel2009/06/05 12:06:53
    Any tips on choosing the colours kazy?

    I use Vienna in the Velvet Maxi Lift Line Treatment Foundation, do you think I would be safe with Vienna in this?

    Gotta try it for this price :D
  • lilpretzel2009/06/05 12:13:18
    Is it only these 3 products on special at the moment?

    Secret Weapon Super Curl Mascara *SP - Black - $15.75
    Emulsion Pact Soft Focus Foundation - $23.60
    Velvet Lip Lift Moisture Shine-Plums - $10.85 - Only Vlip8 & 12 left.

    The weekly special is a bargain for $62.37 as the Velvet Maxisculpt Collagen Gele sells for $100.00 :eek: I wonder how much it is for VIP members?

  • kazyazy2009/06/05 12:14:45
    I use Vienna LP
  • lilpretzel2009/06/05 12:27:36

    You can never have too much make up :)
  • kazyazy2009/06/12 18:39:58
    They have 3 new products up now

    Envy Eyes Duet, Liquid Silk Foundation and Ooh La La Gloss
  • lilpretzel2009/06/12 19:56:02
    Thanks kazy + Free Shipping :)

    Envy Eyes Duet = $14.00
    Liquid Silk Foundation = $19.80 - Vanilla Sold Out.
    Ooh La La Gloss - Naturals - $12.25 - Sedure & Eclat

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