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MacHeist for USD$49

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Posted By: holdenmg, posted 2008/01/21 01:56
Last year's bundle caused a frenzy in the Mac community, selling over 16,000 copies in a week. This year, we're setting our sights a little higher, with a larger bundle, a two week sale, and what we believe to be a stronger collection of apps.

Simply put, this is the best Mac software deal in history.

VectorDesigner $69.95
Snapz Pro X $69.00
Pixelmator $59.00
CSSEdit $29.95
AppZapper $12.95
Tiki Magic Mini Golf $29.95
1password $29.95
CoverSutra $22.00
Cha-Ching $40.00
iStopMotion $49.00
Awaken $12.95
Speed Download $25.00
Wingnuts 2 $29.95
TaskPaper $18.95

A USD$498.60 value...
Expiry date:2008/01/23
  • nod2008/01/21 19:46:57
    I am a PC' er .... if that is how you say it :D

    But this does look like great value. I am sure you will make some Mac Buckscoopers very happy....

    Now where is that donkey ...... :D
  • holdenmg2008/01/21 20:11:10
    That's O.K. nod, PC' er's are just people who have not found Mac's yet.
    That said, why let them know?
    It will only create demand and drive the price up!

    It can be our secret. :+)
  • nod2008/01/21 20:14:06

    I do like the Mac concept. And I think they are great looking.
    They are or appear to be a lo easier to deal with than the PC. Does my head in sometimes.
    But for now I am a happy little HP PC'er :D

    Apple are certainly pushing the envelope.. What do you think of the new ultra thin Holdenmg? Tempted?
  • holdenmg2008/01/21 20:48:02
    Oooh yeah, but I need something that can take the knocks, so the regular MacBook might have to fill the bill a little longer... but it is tempting...
  • nod2008/01/21 20:50:34
    Are they are bit delicate are they??
    I must admit I just looked at the piccies :D

    I do think though that once this HP dies I will go to the dark side and see what all the fuss is about
  • holdenmg2008/01/21 20:58:42
    I noticed that Hitachi is biting the dust (in Oz anyway) so there may be some deep discounting in the pipeline...
  • nod2008/01/21 21:03:33
    hmmmm .... that is interesting.
    I guess Oz is not a good market for them.
    But worth keeping our eyes open over the next few weeks/months as you would think that they would want to 'cash-up' a bit

    Thanks for the heads up Holdenmg :)
  • jockreby20032008/01/22 16:47:03
    Snapz Pro for US$49 is well worth the money.
    The rest of the applications are a nice bonus.
  • Brad2008/01/22 16:59:36
    Cheers for the info jockreby2003,
    and welcome to Buckscoop!

    Do you use Snapz Pro? Any feedback?
  • nod2008/01/28 11:58:46
    [B][COLOR="Blue"]Welcome to Buckscoop Jockreby2003[/COLOR][/B]

    And thanks for the feedback :)

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