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Love Mum - Tutu's on Sale. $18.50 Delivered

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Posted By: golfwidow, posted 2009/11/26 10:08
Love Mum currently have their Tutu's on sale for $18.50. Must add code 'LOVEFB" to receive free shipping. A range of colours. If you want Christmas Red Tutu with green ribbon please say so in the comments section. They have some great bargains on often so I recommend joining their Facebook page. Some cheap nice little stocking stuffers

I got a couple. Another excuse to play dress ups :)
Expiry date:2009/12/04
  • naffi2009/11/26 10:39:33
    Thank you, these are so cute!
  • lilpretzel2009/11/26 10:51:45
    Excellent price, great find Golfy. :)
  • Michelle21542009/11/26 14:37:17
    thankyou heaps
    All my 3 year old will wear at the moment is dressups and Im running out of options.
  • smachel2009/11/28 20:10:10
    Has anyone already got one of these? What is the quality like? It's hard to see from the photo.
  • golfwidow2009/11/30 07:32:55
    I haven't recieved mine yet but will let you know what it is like as soon as I do smachel :)
  • golfwidow2009/12/04 10:31:18
    This deal ends at midnight tonight. They will be delivered by Christmas. And also iclude a pair of hair clips :)
  • Michelle21542009/12/14 12:00:51
    Has anyone recieve their order yet ? Ive sent an enquiry about mine but haven't had a reply im getting a bit worried as i want it for a xmas present.
  • golfwidow2009/12/14 12:39:41
    I read on Facebook they are all being handmade but will arrive by Chrissy. Sorry I thought they were already made.
  • Michelle21542009/12/14 15:05:39
    Dont appologise it's not your fault golfwidow. I was just getting concerned, and when i didnt get a reply to my email i was wondering if i was the only one not to get mine?
    Thanks anyway, just hope they turn up soon.
  • golfwidow2009/12/14 18:43:54
    This is from Facebook :)

    We can offically tell everyone if your waiting on an item from us all items not yet posted will be posted by Wednesday and if you don't recieve your item by the end of the week please contact so we can arrange express shipment of your item so it arrives by christmas we wouldn't like anyone to miss out!
  • Michelle21542009/12/22 13:42:10
    Got mine today, must say a little disapointed they are nothing like the picture, very hard and scratchy dont think my princess will wear hers. Oh well probably a good re-gift cant complain for the price.
  • femme172009/12/25 19:17:36
    I got mine too yesterday. VERY DISAPPOINTED with the quality of the tutu. It's worst than the $5 dollar tutu from the cheap shop! It made from a very rough material. I do think it's not safe for any little girl to wear. I also ordered a set of hairclips from her, and she forgot to include it in the parcel! Now I have to wait until she's back on "business" on the 4th!
  • Michelle21542009/12/25 21:10:15
    Glad im not the only one who was disappointed, I gave the one i got to my daughter today and she said "mummy it hurts" it got caught on everything and thats before she even tried to put it on. So we gave up, lucky i had another [cheapy in the cupboard] and she was happy with that.
    What a shame about the hair clips, we got 1 and i didnt even order any, so i guess it makes up a little for the dissapointing dress.
  • kazyazy2009/12/25 21:47:20
    Aren't they usually priced at $39.95 ?? What a rip off!!! Maybe you should try and return them.
  • femme172009/12/25 23:42:12
    michelle, I did received a heart hairclip that supposed to be free with any order, but didn't received the hairclip sets that I ordered with the tutu.
    I am going back buying from etsy from now on
  • Michelle21542009/12/26 14:04:39
    $39.95 NO WAY, at that price i would have sent it back straight away.
    They are rougher than a piece of steel wool.
    Sorry this is turning into a bit of a vent, but Id be really cranky if Id paid for hair clips and not got them.
  • golfwidow2009/12/26 15:11:19
    Yeah I am sorry to say too I am not happy with what I got. Way too harsh and scratchy. I will be sending the bigger one of mine back. The smaller one was ok as it had less knots etc but the biggest one there is no way I can fit onto an infant. Sorry guys. Was excited to find this deal but dissapointed in how it turned out.
  • naffi2009/12/26 20:01:23
    They are not where near as full as the pic on the website, they must have put the pic for the pettiskirt instead of a tutu - are we able to send them back for a refund??
  • kazyazy2009/12/26 20:05:56
    This is all I could find about refunds ...

    Refunds and Exchanges

    With Faulty items need to be sent back within 14 days to our PO BOX (on contact page) for either a full refund or exchange (upon inspection of the product a refund may be granted).

    We do not accept Responsiblity for items that are damaged once it leaves our warehouse we inspect all products upon shipment and they are in good working order.

    Products returned must have orginal tags and packaging and be in good condition upon return.

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