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Logitech G9 Laser Mouse, $89.95 @ Dirt Cheap Cameras

Posted By: fishmonkey, posted 2009/03/23 17:54
here is a highly configurable and precise "gaming" mouse on steroids... and i mean 'highly' --- it has onboard memory, and, for example, you can adjust the sensitivity and save other preferences directly on the mouse without special drivers on your computer... even comes with changeable grips and weights...

and it's had good reviews...

now, you can pickup from their store in Sydney city, in which case this is indeed a good deal...

i'm not sure if the shipping price i am getting on their site is correct, because it shows the package as 3 pounds, which sounds a bit much... anyway, at that weight the shipping comes to $24 for parcel post, which is a bit ridiculous... however, even with the silly shipping it's still a decent price...
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