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LEG TWO: Locate the Buckscoop Heirloom

Posted By: nod, posted 2008/03/08 18:55
got your mozzie repellant and tevas??
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  • nod2008/03/08 18:57:15
    [B][SIZE=4]Hidden somewhere in the jungle is the Buckscoop Heirloom.
    Think you have what it takes to find it???


    ......if you do... join us Monday 10th March 10am EDST and test your skills :)[/SIZE]
  • Keeys2008/03/08 19:52:39
  • Gallifrey2008/03/08 21:31:14
    wonder what the Buckscoop Heirloom would be??????? :w00t:
  • admin2008/03/08 21:56:51
    a ball of carefully shaped mud.... !
  • Keeys2008/03/08 22:16:43
    a ball of carefully shaped mud.... !

    MUD ....when I was reading I was sure it was going to be something other than mud ;)
  • Wally2008/03/08 23:20:44
    Does one have to have previously traversed Mount Buckscoop to enter this verdant jungle??
  • Gallifrey2008/03/09 01:06:15
    hope not Wally as I didn't climb the mountain, I might be able to make it thru the jungle tho LOL
  • lilpretzel2008/03/09 09:45:16
    [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=5][B][B][B] So you can jump in for the long haul or you can get your feet wet for one or two of the weekly challenges. It is up to you![/B][/B][/B][/SIZE][/FONT]

    So there you go Wally & Gallifrey you better grab the mossie repellent and your hiking boots and watch out for the 3 wise monkeys.

  • admin2008/03/09 10:22:22
    :D - they really should change that to the 'three wise donkeys'
  • ScarletRubies2008/03/09 10:35:17
    See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil - which one are you? (Or are you not a wise donkey?) :D
  • admin2008/03/09 10:38:32
    I eat evil for breakfast.... !
  • holdenmg2008/03/09 19:59:36
  • lilpretzel2008/03/09 20:05:02
    See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil - which one are you? (Or are you not a wise donkey?) :D

    Or maybe just a........


    :whistling: :cool:
  • admin2008/03/09 20:50:09
    :D - very witty lilpretzel
  • Gallifrey2008/03/10 00:25:50
    I eat evil for breakfast.... !

    What Admin, you eat wevils????????? lol

    Do they get stuck in your teeth?
  • admin2008/03/10 09:57:10
    wi weat weevils - cant talk - stuck in teef.

    Anyway - ok kids - next post is your challenge

    Hope your all rested and endowed with nukemmozzie - now scratch that itch!
  • admin2008/03/10 09:57:50

    [SIZE=6]Here is Leg Two of the ‘Best Bargain Race’

    [COLOR="Black"]Finding the Buckscoop Family Heirloom[/SIZE][/COLOR]

    [SIZE=4]The game is simple. Your task is to locate the Buckscoop Heirloom which is located behind one of the large yellow squares you can see in the piccie above.
    But how do you get there??[/SIZE]

    [B][B][COLOR="Green"][SIZE=5][COLOR="Black"]Here are the basics:[/COLOR]
    1. To qualify to play you first need to post a minimum of one deal a day. (You have a maximum of 3 deal and 1 freebie posts up your sleeve ie a max of 4 posts can be posted a day for the comp).
    2. Each deal = 1 space on the board.
    3. To begin the game, you must post the deal(s) and then chose your path on the board.
    4. Each night the position of the avid explorers will be updated on the board.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

    [COLOR="Black"]Here are a few rules that will help us all along:[/COLOR]
    1. 'X' is having a sale is not a post that will be included in the Race tally
    2. Comp posts are not included
    5. All dupe posts will be removed and will not go towards your tally.
    5. Each deal that you chose to post for the race must include the tag 'Jungle’ and your username. For example ‘junglenod'
    6. All members that take part in the race MUST NOT cold vote another members deal unless they provide a valid commentary.
    Any member found cold voting without giving a reason will lose 25 points from their tally.
    7. Buckscoop Admin word is final
    8. The winner is the member that gets closest to the Buckscoop heirloom.
    9. Prize to be announced tomorrow…

    [B]And some extras …..

    Tuesday and Thursday night will bring added chances to pick up points and prizes… or maybe not :w00t:

    [B][SIZE=6]For extra information see here[/SIZE][/B]
  • admin2008/03/10 10:01:31
    Dunno about you - but I reckon the one sitting in front of the leopard in the tree is dodgy....
  • Keeys2008/03/10 10:19:36
    Im sure the monkey has it ;)
  • admin2008/03/10 10:23:14
    that'll be your chosen path the keeys. Be a laugh to see who chooses what path to take.
  • Keeys2008/03/10 10:53:31
    Is a great idea is more luck in choosing the right path. Can't wait to see how it unfolds :)
  • craftykiwi2008/03/10 12:18:45
    Have posted my first deal so I'm opting for the second top path that ends at the leopard/jaguar. Hope it isn't dodgy as admin reckons!
  • photographyisart2008/03/10 12:27:47
    i'm choosing the monkey's path - posted my first lot of deals too
  • golfwidow2008/03/10 12:28:02
    Ive been having a life and missing all the fun last week :(

    Im on the case for this week though. Ive started and hoping ive done it right. If this is where we pick paths i pick the one that follows along the ground and up to the bird. I like to stay down on the ground :)
  • ScarletRubies2008/03/10 13:04:49
    If you make it to the yellow square but it's the wrong path do you just stand there in your wrongness, or do you get some sort of leg up on a different path? (Haven't even worked out if there's enough time to follow more than one path!).
  • nod2008/03/10 16:13:08
    Thanks for popping up the post donkey...

    And just to make it interesting.. there are a few surprises in store during the week.. so keep on your toes cos ;)

    [SIZE=6]Each path is exactly the same length and you need to nominate the path you wish to take by [B][COLOR="Blue"]MIDNIGHT TONIGHT[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]
  • photographyisart2008/03/10 17:24:22
    do we do that here?
  • Gallifrey2008/03/10 18:44:46
    yes, where do we pick our path?
  • admin2008/03/10 19:35:44
    in here will do you lot. We'll pick it up and assign you to your destiny.
  • ScarletRubies2008/03/10 22:31:12
    I haven't posted a deal yet, but in anticipation of doing so, I chose the "right" path that leads to the phoenix looking feathered-friend. I really wanted the toucan, but there's no path leading to him!
  • geo782008/03/10 23:07:36
    i'm choosing the monkey :)
  • Wally2008/03/10 23:28:51
    hmm ..
    einy meeny mieny moe ..
    catch an heirloom by the toe ..
    if it's tarnished let it go ..
    einy meeny mieny .. the lounging leopard way I will go :prop:
  • Gallifrey2008/03/11 00:07:24
    I wanted to take the path up the tree to the BIG cat please, but I see it is after midnight and I may be too late to pick??
  • nod2008/03/11 08:41:46
    10pm by my clock Gallifrey so no probs. :D


    [COLOR="Black"][B][SIZE=6]Tonight we hit the swamp... bring your wellies .... 9pm EDST :)[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]
  • nod2008/03/11 08:43:17
    [COLOR="Green"][SIZE=4] The paths we chose and the colour of our little explorers :D:
    Gallifrey: leopard (purple)
    Wally: leopard (yellow)
    Geo78: Monkey (red)
    Ruby: toucan (blue)
    Crafty: leopard (white)
    Photo: monkey (pink)
    Golfy: toucan (green)
    Keeys: monkey (brown)
    Yovi: leopard (light blue)[/SIZE]
  • nod2008/03/11 08:47:36
    The lonely little parrot in the tree has no friends :D
  • nod2008/03/11 09:18:16
    Keeys you need to chose a path?? :(
  • nod2008/03/11 09:29:28

    [B]And our little explorers are on their way :D[/B]
  • admin2008/03/11 09:41:08
    You reckon we should make the little playmen a bit more visible. Be hard I guess, without it being a bit chunky.

    I see your all right handers. The monkey and the toucan look a little lonely.
  • ScarletRubies2008/03/11 10:01:54
    Nope, I'm a lefty - but I wanted the bird and I didn't realise anyone else picked the phoenix. Still haven't posted a deal, slacker that I am, so I'll go parrot if that's OK, Nod?
  • golfwidow2008/03/11 15:54:10
    Umm dont mean to be a pain in the behind but i picked the path along the ground and ends with the blue and yellow birdy on the left hand side. Is this one broken? :)
  • nod2008/03/11 18:05:19
    Umm dont mean to be a pain in the behind but i picked the path along the ground and ends with the blue and yellow birdy on the left hand side. Is this one broken? :)

    Nope :D

    Sorry about that I assumed you picked the other bird one - my mistake - i shall fix it tonight when I do the new tally :D
  • nod2008/03/11 18:06:44
    Nope, I'm a lefty - but I wanted the bird and I didn't realise anyone else picked the phoenix. Still haven't posted a deal, slacker that I am, so I'll go parrot if that's OK, Nod?

    big question is should we let you change???? :whistling:
  • golfwidow2008/03/11 19:03:54
    Thanks Nod :D
  • yovi2008/03/11 19:28:24
    i would like to join and pick leopard's way :)
  • nod2008/03/11 19:42:36
    There I go breaking all the rules I set again :D

    Ok Yovi np - I am sure the jungle is big enough for one more :D

    [B][COLOR="Red"][SIZE=5]LAST CALL PEOPLE.... Those members that wish to join Leg two of the Best Bargain Race must rego in here by midnight tonight.... and chose a path.... I will stick to this deadline too this time :D[/SIZE][/COLOR][/B]
  • nod2008/03/11 19:44:02
    Ok Ruby.. you can have the parrot's way :D
  • ScarletRubies2008/03/11 20:52:48
    No, no, no.... I only wanted the parrot because I thought Golfy was after my phoenix... I'll stick with the path that leads right to the birdy of gold in the middle - unless you're likely to get peeved with me in which case I'll do whatever I'm jolly well told to, Ma'am.

    Besides, we'll always have Parrots.
  • golfwidow2008/03/11 21:00:28
    Nope i dont want your birdie :p

    LMAO again at parrots joke :D :cool:
  • Keeys2008/03/11 23:49:17
    Im sure the monkey has it ;)

    I thought I had chosen, sorry :(

    I have been out all day no deals posted from me today :( :(
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