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Posted By: queenshrew, posted 2008/09/23 21:34
4 DAYS ONLY (25-28 SEP 2008)

30% OFF Women's Clothing
30% OFF Women's Handbags & Travelway sets
25% OFF Sunglasses
30% OFF Men's Clothing
30% OFF Girls & Boys' Clothing
30% OFF BABY's Clothing
25% OFF Car seats & Boosters
30% OFF all Homemaker quilts, Bathroom ceramics
30% OFF Deborah Hutton manchester & homewares
30% OFF Bonds & tontine pillows
30% OFF Outdoor Mats, Curtains, Table Lamps
40% off Boxed cutlery sets
30% oFF Ceramic ovenware, loose dinnerware, servingware
20% OFF Bar Fridges
20% OFF Vacuums
30% OFF Bins, Bookcases
30% OFF Jackeroo Hooded BBQs
30% OFF Outdoor Heating
30% OFF Fishing Rods, Reels & Combos
25% OFF Sleeping Bags & Air Mattresses
20% OFF TVs & TV/DVD Combos
20% OFF Digital Photo Frames
15% OFF Digital Camera
20% OFF Memory cards
15% OFF Telstra Prepaid Mobiles
20% OFF kids' Books
50% OFF Washing Machines
40% OFF Game Tables
40% OFF Rectangular Trampolines
40% OFF Clearance Gym
Expiry date:2008/09/28
  • wheadle2008/09/23 23:24:04
    15% OFF Telstra Prepaid Mobiles
    might take a look
  • queenshrew2008/09/23 23:28:08
    Please note sale starts on Thurs 25th Sep and ends on 28th Sep :)
  • wheadle2008/09/23 23:33:18
    50% OFF Washing Machines
    ;) awesome if that is all brands

    500 sheets Office paper $2.99 too on back page
  • queenshrew2008/09/23 23:39:09
    ;) awesome if that is all brands

    500 sheets Office paper $2.99 too on back page

    Yepp it does say all washing machines, but below that ... in tiny writing, it states:
    No rainchecks! :D

    Nice price on the paper, I missed that one :)
  • labgirl2008/09/24 09:54:28
    One of the kmart brand washing machines ( top loader) did reasonably well in Choice's tests a year or two back when I was looking. :)
  • queenshrew2008/09/24 11:36:55
    Thanks Labgirl :D

    I found the link to the review for anyone interested:

    CHOICE - Kmart Homemaker Top Loader Washing Machine Review
  • Rosered2008/09/25 00:21:21
    I was interested the Onix 6kg Front loader washing machine on pg 26. There's a $200 govt. rebate available for purchasing washers with a 4star water rating, bringing the price down to $179! However, I found these 9 reviews and would not buy this washing machine based on what they say.

  • queenshrew2008/09/25 11:29:01
    Hi Rosered.. thanks for the tip! :) Will make sure I steer clear of those when I buy a new washing machine (not yet, but within the next 6 months)!
  • Smarmie2008/09/25 21:03:47
    Might have to start my xmas shopping...some unreal bargains here!


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