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Posted By: holdenmg, posted 2007/06/29 03:24
I figure it is Tax Time so what better Gadget to buy than a Calculator?
Hey, I guess it is a Tax Deduction too, purchased prior to 30/06/2007.
I lash out and buy a Sharp Calculator EL231LB from da Co-op @ $13.75.

Initial Kitty: $500
Credit BWA TeleNet Saver Online Account $40.00
Credit Quickflix $25 Cashback.
Debit Sharp Calculator EL231LB from da Co-op @ $13.75.
Balance $551.25ish.
Expiry date:2007/06/30
  • nod2007/06/29 18:29:15
    Are you an accountant by any chance Holdenmg???

    Your kitty looks very healthy indeed :D

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