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KFC - All Stars Box $9.95

Posted By: jdstacey, posted 2008/11/21 21:48
OK, here's what you get for $9.95

1x piece of original recipe chicken
1x crispy strip
1x snack sized bucket of popcorn chicken (about 20 pcs)
2x wicked wings
1x regular chips
1x can soft drink

For $9.95 that's almost enough to feed two!

I thought it was a pretty good deal anyway... :)
  • melissanj2008/11/21 21:59:35
    yeh i found this a great deal i shared this a while back with my son...and we still ended up with left overs in the fridge!
  • queenshrew2008/11/22 10:38:07
    Good price! :)
  • normie2008/11/23 01:56:32
    They all so have snack boxes for $3.50
    2 X Wicked Wings and Chips
    Popcorn Chicken and Chips
    and something else maybe some else knows
  • pharmlover2009/09/21 00:09:21
    They don't seem to have the KFC All Stars Box on their menu anymore :(


    admin - time to mark this one expired.
  • golfwidow2009/09/21 08:58:32
    Yeah I found this out on the weekend. Will expire now. Thanks pharmlover :)
  • normie2009/09/21 16:13:18
    In VIC as well as SA they have the All Stars Meal available to at least 27/10/2009
    1x Piece Original Chicken
    Snack Sized Popcorn Chicken
    2x Wicked Wings
    1x Crispy strip
    Reg Chips
    Reg Potato & Gravy
    Reg Drink
    & Dinner Roll
    Is $8.95 with voucher they sent in the letterbox (dont know reg price but last time they had this available it was $9.95 in VIC)
  • golfwidow2009/09/21 16:19:26
    Ok will unexpire it and just leave it up as a lucky dip whether you can get it or not in your area :)

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