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Kensington Saddlebag and Logitech Wheel Mouse Optical USB/PS2 OEM Combo Clearance

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Posted By: Netjock, posted 2007/04/21 21:15
Kensington Saddle Bag Pro laptop bag + Logitech Mouse OEM bundle.


Amazon User Reviews:

  • nod2007/04/22 17:14:53
    Thanks for the deal Netjock and very importantly, welcome to Buckscoop :flowers:

    Mwave have some awesome deals in their clearance section. And unlike a lot of clearance sections they add new stuff :)
    These two items were priced at $86 so a neat saving there. Not sure on the size of the Kensington bag. Do you think it could fit a 15" laptop Netjock?
  • Netjock2007/04/22 17:24:11
    My 14.1" Compaq N600c (about same size as your average 3kg notebook) fit.

    Put my notebook in there is plenty of space left in the pouch.

    Cheapest for the laptop bag itself is $56 on shopbot I think. Depends on how long you think the mouse is worth :)

    All the other pouches are very good. Read the reviews at Amazon.com
  • nod2007/04/22 17:29:12
    Thanks for the info
    do you have a link for the amazon review?
    popped a few tags on your deal too if you were wondering where they came from :)
  • admin2007/04/22 18:13:38
    Nice find netjock - thanks. Great to have user participation. Thats a pretty stunning price. Shame it doesnt fit a 17". I really should get one. I'll give you a hot vote for that.
  • hbtoh2007/06/12 01:26:27
    Just ordered one - hope it'll fit a MacBook Pro !

    Anyway, ended up spending an additional $350 on other stuff on mwave - I guess that's how specials work - get the customer in and get them spending ! :D

    Thanks for the tip re this bag.

  • admin2007/06/12 08:03:34
    retail therapy here we come. The bag was a pretty good bargain.

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