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JB Hifi - Huge DVD Sale ! - Including TV Shows and Movies

Posted By: elegantegotist, posted 2007/11/17 23:41
Some great offers in JB Hifi DVD Sale.

They have a under $10 section and under $20 section !

Also lots of TV shows on DVD have been reduced. I'm thinking of buying ALIAS because its so cheap ! Only $30 for the whole season.

Many many more offers in the catalogue.

Here are some of the TV show offers:

Arrested Development ON SALE $29.98
Bewitched ON SALE $15.98
Black Adder ON SALE $12.98
Cheers ON SALE $19.98
Cold Feet ON SALE
Cracker ON SALE
Dawson's Creek ON SALE $19.98
Family Guy ON SALE from $12.98
Footballer's Wives ON SALE
Fast Forward & Full Frontal ON SALE
Frasier ON SALE $19.98
Grey's Anatomy ON SALE
Happy Tree Friends ON SALE $9.98
Harry Potter ON SALE $15.98
I Dream Of Jeannie ON SALE $15.98
Inspector Rex ON SALE $32.98
Inspector Morse ON SALE

Kath & Kim ON SALE
Lord of the Rings ON SALE from $12.98
McLeod's Daughters ON SALE $59.98
Prime Suspect ON SALE
M * A * S * H On Sale $19.98
Minder ON SALE $29.98
Prisoner Cell Block H ON SALE
Sea Change ON SALE $15.98
Spooks ON SALE $24.98
Stanley Kubrick Re-issues
That 70s Show ON SALE $29.98
The Matrix ON SALE from $12.98
The Shield ON SALE $15.98
The Simple Life ON SALE $19.98
WWE ON SALE from $9.98
  • ScarletRubies2007/11/18 16:43:16
    LOL - I actually squealed (VERY quietly!!!) when I saw the price for Dawson's Creek. I am SO sad.
  • nod2007/11/18 21:34:53
    May I ask why Ruby??? A huge fan then I take it :D
  • elegantegotist2007/11/18 21:48:41

    Paaaaaaceeeeeeeeeeeeeeey !
  • elegantegotist2007/11/18 21:54:35

    Do you remember how Abbey died at the end of the first season ? I was so shocked !
  • ScarletRubies2007/11/18 22:37:29
    May I ask why Ruby??? A huge fan then I take it :D

    So sad as in pathetic. I was also a bit excited when I found out that Bev Hills 90210 was out on DVD. I should be more embarrassed than I am. Ha - nope, I'm pretty embarrassed!

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