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HDD sale @ Fluidtek

Posted By: Donkey, posted 2007/07/13 06:21
These guys obviously went to the MSY school of web design.

This might be worth keeping an eye on if you live near Fluidtek. The 'blurb' says they're dropping the price on their hard drives 'even further' this weekend. Who knows whether thats just marketing crap or not.

Of the drives they have on the main page the seagate and western digital 320Gb's are about $10 under market (at $89) and the Samsung 500Gb is about $20 (at $132 for two of them). The 500gb's at that price are 'in store only' which is at 289A-291 Pennant Hills Road, Carlingford

That means that if they drop the price over the weekend it could be a bargain. Dunno how much I'd bother with them at the advertised prices - mind you $10 off market is about a 10% discount.
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  • ozpete2007/07/15 10:35:22
    Fluidtek is a tiny store and like MSY you really need to know what you want. Some comments on Whirlpool say the guy who runs can be a bit rude, but my guess is thats with people who "waste" time. My personal experience was a pleasant one.

    Unlike MSY the guy who runs it can serve 2 or 3 customers at a time. He also asks what you want while you are waiting in line, so if its outta stock/unavailable you can have time to think of the alternative or leave.

    Where as at MSY after the standard 30 minutes or more in line you discover they have sold out.
  • admin2007/07/15 19:23:54
    Thanks Ozpete. We like feedback.

    What do you reckon his pricing is like?
  • enthusiast2007/07/15 21:43:34
    What do you reckon his pricing is like?

    The pricing is so good, Ozpete is still at the store getting some bargains! :p
  • nod2007/07/15 21:46:00
    lets hope he shares when he gets home
  • admin2007/07/16 17:42:36
    The pricing is so good, Ozpete is still at the store getting some bargains! :p

    :D:D - or standing in line waiting.
  • ozpete2007/07/17 21:49:51
    Sorry to take so long to make a comment. Just got out of the queue!!

    His prices are good enough to wait for.... Well most times..:D

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