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Harvey Norman - Navig8r GPS-G35 GPS $148

Posted By: gto21, posted 2009/06/06 22:09
# Features 3.5 touch-screen

# Latest maps

# Compact size

# Road Sense®

# Camera alerts

# Quick re-routing
Expiry date:2009/06/28
  • admin2009/06/06 22:28:18
    Thanks gto - not quite sure what you posted this as, but when you post a deal use the 'deal' category and you can specify a price for the item that displays.

    Price at Hardly Normals is $148 which isnt bad. About $5 to $10 cheaper than you can get it elsewhere.

    Now just wondering whether its any good as a GPS.
  • fishmonkey2009/06/06 23:20:06
    for anyone seriously researching the best GPS to buy for their needs, i would recommend hopping over to the Gadget forum on Whirlpool and having a look around (or asking)...

    the general consensus seems to be to stick with one of the big 4 manufacturers, i.e. Mio/Navman/Garmin/TomTom, for performance and support (obviously not all models will be good!)...
  • admin2009/06/07 00:14:01
    You hear some funny stories about people getting led astray by errant GPS's
  • fishmonkey2009/06/07 00:23:13
    i'm a bit old school, i prefer a map book! something about a computerised system telling me where to drive just doesn't sit right with me...
  • admin2009/06/07 00:24:45
    luddite..... :)
  • modtang2009/06/07 19:19:02
    fishmonkey = olllldddd ;)
  • fishmonkey2009/06/07 19:40:08
    actually i'm not that old, haha... however i do have a tendency to memorise phone and credit card numbers too...

    as far as GPSes go, i have a good sense of direction, which helps, but i've honestly never ever wanted one... it would really annoy me having a gadget to have to remember to take in and out of the car, plus i currently share a car, which would just make it more complicated!

    i will sometimes check out Google Earth if i'm going somewhere completely new...
  • fishmonkey2009/06/07 19:41:32
    oh, and having a computerised voice talking to me while i drive is my idea of a BAD time! i much prefer music!
  • fishmonkey2009/06/07 19:44:37
    oh, and i read a comment from someone who has their GPS set up to tell them where all the Maccas and KFCs are, and how far it is to the next one, and, well, that very thought is enough to put me off for the rest of my life!

  • NoosieB2009/06/08 13:33:29
    3 in a row fishmonkey. Not bad.
    My hubby and I were driving around at the weekend and got completely lost. (His fault of course). Don't have a GPS and have a very out of date map book. Think for starters we'll upgrade the map book. We borrowed a GPS a year ago when travelling overseas - the kids hated hearing the voice all the time and kept asking if we could turn her off. LOL.
  • fishmonkey2009/06/08 13:52:48
    something that always gives me a good chuckle is when i'm driving and notice that my passenger is spinning the street directory around and around in circles to try and keep the map oriented to the exact direction that the car is heading in...

    it's kind of logical, but i find that people who need to spin the map usually don't make the best navigators...
  • NoosieB2009/06/08 13:59:56
    Hey, watch out fishmonkey - I'm a Map Spinner. :p I wouldn't say I'm the best navigator - but I get there. Much prefer to do all the driving. That's the easy part. Then when you get lost.....blame the Map Spinner. :)
  • fishmonkey2009/06/08 14:09:32
    heheh, the fun really starts when the Map Spinner gets out of sync and starts to frantically spin the street directory...
  • fishmonkey2009/06/08 14:12:50
    actually i kinda like getting a bit lost and discovering new routes... and if you live in a congested city, then trial and error is the only way to find out the best routes to take depending on time of day, day of the week, phase of the moon, colour of underpants, need to pee, etc...
  • admin2009/06/08 18:21:33
    :) - lost in a city built on the grid principle is recoverable. Lost in a city built on a hodge podge of curves and goat tracks is painful.

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