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Gotalk sizzling summer Combo

$94.85Get deal
Posted By: melscott28, posted 2010/02/05 12:53
home phone, broadband and voip for $94.85 a month

Home Phone Line rental with our HomeTalk Plan
Broadband ADSL2+/1.5Mbps 20GB (5GB peak/15GB offpeak) on Pro2+ Metro plan or Pro ADSL 1.5 plan
VoIP Loads of included calls with our goVoIP Aussie Pack
Cordless Phone Normally $3.95 per month but with this combo you get this included

A broadband connection $49 save $150.00
Savings on a 4 port home networking gateway $39.95 save $59.05
Monthly cordless phone rental over 24 month contract $0 save $94.80
receive $50 on your third account when all three services have been provisioned

voip aussie pack: Here's what you get - up to:
- 600 local / national calls per month*
- 100 calls to Australian mobiles, or 500 mobile minutes per month

Checkout site for more details
  • melscott282010/02/05 12:55:42
    I got this plan as i can only get ADSL in my area. Checkout so many companys and this is the best i could find. Love it becaus it includes some free mobile calls on voip

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