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GHD IV styler + free Thermo Protector - $160 @ ASOS (even cheaper after tax refund)

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Posted By: rhys, posted 2009/12/04 17:00
ghd IV Styler with free Thermo Protector for £89.00. Shipping to Australia is £10.50, but with coupon code STEALLATER you get £10 off, so comes to £89.50 delivered, which at today's exchange rate is around $160. Even better, you can ask ASOS for the 15% VAT refund after 30 days from purchase, bringing it down to under $150...half on the normal price. I ordered one from them before and it came within 2 weeks and it's genuine.
  • taskel2009/12/04 18:12:40
    I've had bad experiences with ASOS, I placed a clothing order and received an expected delivery date, which they said the order would be no later than, and it arrived over 3 1/2 weeks after this, so over a month after I placed the order. The customer service is terrible, I couldn't find a contact number for them anywhere on the site. I ended up returning my order and had to pester them for a refund too... I guess it all depends though as some people I know love ASOS and have had no problems. Good price for what it's worth though :)
  • rhys2009/12/04 18:35:44
    my experience with ASOS was very good. they replied to my emails within couple of hours, even on weekends. my order arrived 2 days before their estimated delivery day. they apparently won guite a few awards, including best customer service. they also have a policy that if the delivery is late, they refund the delivery charge and give you 10% off your next order. http://www.asos.com/infopages/pgehelpdesk.aspx#/level18/
  • taskel2009/12/04 18:45:54
    Yeah they refunded my delivery which is the least I would expect after chasing them up! To be honest I would give them another chance as I really love the clothes. There's 30% of selected brands at the minute, think I'll have a browse. :)
  • lisss2009/12/04 21:42:40
    I've always had excellent experiences with Asos support- they reply promptly and actually answer what you've asked in my experience. I've made about 7 orders with Asos now (naughty yes) and had problems with one, which they resolved very efficiently and very much to my satisfaction :)

    taskel, it may be that Asos are not even at fault for your late delivery. Australian customs/post may have been to blame, because once delivered from the UK postal system to the Aussie one its out of their control. I've had an experience with a parcel from the UK I bought on Ebay being "held" or lost in Australia for a month after it was stamped as received by Aust Post.
  • taskel2009/12/05 02:32:55
    @ Lisss, yeah you could be right about the post, I was just really annoyed as I had bought a dress I wanted to wear for my birthday and ordered in advance and expected it to come. I've only ordered twice from them and the first time everything went ok, just the fiasco with that last order put me off a bit.

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