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Dunlop Mens Or Womens Bikes $60 each from Big W

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Posted By: Pookie, posted 2012/03/13 23:00
I have just seen that Big W have their next Catalogue with Mens or Womens Dunlop bicycles for only $60 each.

I tried to find out a little more about the bikes but I couldnt find anything of use.

The sale starts on the 15th March and ends on the 21st.
  • queenshrew2012/03/14 09:17:56
    Wow that's dirt cheap for a bike!
    I might learn to cycle afterall..

    Please don't tell anyone I still don't know how to ride a bike... :o

    Do elbow and knee pads come in adult size? :o
  • Pookie2012/03/14 09:58:28
    LOL queenshrew...maybe I should also look for Private Health Insurance deals as well.

    I just had a look to see if I could find you cheap helmets and knee/elbow pads they are more expensive than the bike :confused:
  • ninkasi2012/03/14 12:50:16
    The model does not appear to be one of the current models on the dunlop web site. The ladies "High Country" for example has a water bottle - the BigW one doesn't. Anyhow, they are all made by/for Repco so should be decent enough. Not talking fantastic, and probably fairly heavy.... but for the price, amazing value.
  • queenshrew2012/03/14 14:28:00
    I bought two!!!! I know it is not meant to be out until tomorrow, but I went to the Big W locally and they have a few bikes out, so I went and *splurged* and bought 2! A blue and a red! I put them on layby as I did not want to pick them up until later when my partner has time to put them together and go cycling with me! lol.. Guess I get free storage for 10 weeks! And I'm now looking for some knee pads lol..wonder if my daughter's knee pads fit me :o

    ETA: I should rephrase and say..he goes cycling while I go a-tumbling...!! :o

    Also, Big W has cheapie bike helmets for only $8.93! Awesome! :D They come in red, purple and blue!
  • Pookie2012/03/14 14:51:13
    Nice one queenshrew. Did you go for a test ride in BigW? :D
  • ninkasi2012/03/14 17:28:23
    I did not want to pick them up until later when my partner has time to put them together

    FYI if they're anything like the Repco bikes I've put together (I've three kids plus friends who have bought these sorts of bikes, and I tend to be the go-to person for bike and computer problems!), assembly is pretty simple - but you do need an adjustable spanner/wrench (to do things like tighten the nuts holding the front wheel on). It's basically just a matter of putting the seat into the post hole, putting the handlebar on, putting on the front wheel and the pedals. The rear wheel & gears etc are all pre-assembled. Other than that, the only thing I've had to do on some is adjust the brakes (either too tight or loose).
  • queenshrew2012/03/14 19:52:56
    Nice one queenshrew. Did you go for a test ride in BigW? :D

    Hey, are you mocking me? :p

    But yeah, I couldn't even if I wanted to as unlike Kmart, all the display bikes at Big W were tied/locked down and I couldn't remove them off the display rack! They didn't even have pedals installed on them! Guess they were afraid of the infamous Big W bike thief..!
  • Pookie2012/03/14 22:28:42
    Not mocking....just wanted to know what they were like. :o Im sure you will tell us when you put them together.
  • snoozin992012/03/15 17:28:15
    Gotta be quick with this one! I went in this morning and got one of the last women's bikes at my local store!

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