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Dick Smith Clearance Sale - Starts 2 April*

Posted By: Pookie, posted 2012/03/29 17:38
I found this on ecogamer and have been digging around to verify whether or not its going to be real but I thought I would drop it in early.

If this is real then you better get in quick...also im not sure yet if this is online, in-store or both. I will keep you posted.
  • Pookie2012/03/29 17:40:06
    Bluetek Plug & Play Controller $2.00
    LOGITECH 615 Gaming Keyboard: $20.00
    LOGITECH Cordless RumblePad 2 $5.00
    LOGITECH Precision Gamepad $2.00
    MS Sidewinder X6 Keyboard 81k $5.00
    PC EA Classics C&C Generals $1.00
    PCCD 30 Dream Home Designer $1.00
    LOGITECH G13 Gameboard $10.00
    LOGITECH G19 Keyhoard $40.00
    LOGITECH G9x Laser Mouse $20.00
    LOGITECH PS2/PS3 W/LESS Guitar $10.00
    WOW MMO Gaming Mouse $20.00
    NDS Professor Layton & Pandora $5.00
    NDSi 6 in 1 Pack $1.00
    NDS 17 in 1 Pack $2.00
    NDSi Metal Protector Case $1.00
    Nintendo 051 Pink $20.00
    Nintendo OSi Metallic Blue $20.00
    NDS iCarly $1.00
    PS3 Brink $15.00
    P53 Dual Shock 3 Charging Slat $10.00
    PS3 Fifa 12 320GB Console $199.00
    PS3 Silver 320GB Console $199.00
    Wii Sports Resort $15.00
    Wii WE Sing 2 Mics/USB Bundle $20.00
    PS3 Assassin's Creed 2 $15.00
    Wii Avatar $5.00
    Wii Your Shape $20.00
    Wii Mario Controller $2.00
    P53 Premium Component Cable $1.00
    Wii Party with WI Remote $15.00
    Wii Rayman Raving RabbidS Pack $10.00
    Afterglow Wii Nunchuk $2.00
    Wii Fifa 2011 $5.00
    Wii Golden Eye 2010 Collectors $20.00
    Wii Dual Charging Dock- Black $2.00
    Wii The Sims 3 $5.00
    Wii EA Sports Active V2 $15.00
    Wii HP & Deathly Hallows P1 $5.00
    Wii The Force Unleashed II $5.00
    Wii Michael Jackson The $5.00
    DS 10 Pack Games Cases $1.00
    Wii LAB conductive charger $5.00
    Wii Elmos A to too Adventure $5.00
    Wii Cookies Counting Carnival $5.00
    Wii Fit Silicon Cover Blue $1.00
    Wii Fit Silicon Cover Green $1.00
    Wii Fit Silicon Cover Pink $1.00
    Wii Fit Silicon Cover Purple $1.00
    Wii Fit Starter Kit Pink $1.00
    Wii Fit Starter Kit Dark Blue $1.00
    Wii Fit Starter Kit Green $1.00
  • Pookie2012/03/29 17:42:14
    there is a lot more on the list but I didnt want to inundate this post with a few hundred deals
  • Pookie2012/04/02 08:32:41
    I think I might go for a wander into my local store....their website keeps crashing :)
  • queenshrew2012/04/02 09:03:55
    Gosh, I can't get in at all online...!! Think I will head to my nearest Dick Smith store too :p
    Not looking forward to it however, first week of school holiday... arghhh lol
  • queenshrew2012/04/02 11:11:44
    On second thought -- after reading up about the anger and terror of other people's experiences on other forums.. I'm avoiding!!!!! Ewww!

    You can't pay me to go there!
    Sounded like a rampage with some people hogging everything!
  • odysseus2012/04/02 20:06:28
    What a shocker. Virtually anything appealing was taken by the staff early. Most of what was left over was a very limited range of out of date clearance games that are often similar prices at other places.
  • nod2012/04/02 20:32:48
    Taken by the staff? That is wrong
  • queenshrew2012/04/02 20:55:45
    Taken by the staff? That is wrong

    Sounds so dodgy!
    To be honest, I've had a really bad experience with Dick Smith @ Nunawading, Vic in the past when I used to live near there.

    I preordered a LIMITED EDITION game 2 months before release.
    ONE week before release, I called again to confirm I had it, and they confirmed I did.

    On the day of release, I drove to the store to pick up and one of the staff members had stolen my copy - Apparently they were given a number of copies, but they were apparently all reserved and insisted I was not on the system and refused to give me one!! I saw one copy was taken by the staff member himself! The copy was probably later sold on eBay for $300 (original price was only under $80 or something). Obviously he stole my copy when he realised how much he could make from it!

    It was the last time I went to that store!! :mad:

    I'm glad I went out for lunch and then shopping with my parents and little girl instead today.

    All I can say is -- It really is the staff that makes a store good or bad. Obviously Dick Smith employs really questionable people with severe lack of customer priority training! (Sorry to those Dick Smith workers who aren't dodgy, but I am speaking from personal experience).
  • Pookie2012/04/03 13:26:12
    You know, this sounds like my bag of crap that I bought. If merchants keep doing stuff like this, they will lose customers quite quickly.

    It would be interesting to know if anyone here actually got something they were happy with. I was about to go in-store to have a look but in the end I was just too busy and I couldnt make it out!
  • queenshrew2012/04/03 15:28:13
    in the end I was just too busy and I couldnt make it out!

    From the sounds of it, you have missed nothing! hehe :D

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