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Crossroads - 50% Off Everything - Instore & Online.

Posted By: kazyazy, posted 2009/12/20 23:02
Crossroads is having 50% off everything.

Starts Monday 21st Dec.

For a limited time only.
Expiry date:2010/03/01
  • lilpretzel2009/12/20 23:32:03
    Thanks Kazy, they're right across from my daughters work so I'll definitely be checking it out tomorrow morning.

  • kazyazy2009/12/20 23:35:19
    They are 5 mins away from me so I will be checking it out tomorrow morning too :D
  • lilpretzel2009/12/21 09:22:16
    The 50% off is even on the website for those that can't get to a store :)
  • Atoxim2009/12/21 15:41:30
    Autograph has the same sale on too
  • queenshrew2009/12/23 09:39:58
    I spent over $100! Argh..poor credit card.
    Free Shipping though :)
  • kazyazy2009/12/23 10:45:18
    I got 3/4 jeans for $10, a skirt for $15 and a top for $5 so I am very happy :D
  • queenshrew2009/12/23 11:50:21
    I'm going through an 'obsessed with dresses' phase at the moment :p
    I bought 5 dresses! hehe
  • golfwidow2009/12/23 15:43:06
    I went shopping today and it was packed out! All I wanted were the scarves they have for $2.50 online but they didn't stock any in the store so I got out quick! :D
  • kazyazy2009/12/23 16:53:33
    I am lucky the shopping centre near me never gets too busy even at Chrissy!! Its awesome :)
  • queenshrew2009/12/30 14:28:30
    Got my parcel, but greatly disappointed.
    Do they tend to make their clothing on the large side?

    I bought Size 'M' stuff, and they all hung over me like I am a kid who just robbed her mum's closet.. Argh! (Except truthfully I'm 5'7, fully grown and taller than my mum, but you get the drift!)

    One of the strapless dresses won't even stay up...just barely hang off me like I'm trying to wear a tent and the moment I tried to move, it fell off to my waist..woah! I can't even blame that on being flat chested since I am C-D cup. Sigh...

    Do you know if they take returns? :(
  • kazyazy2009/12/30 14:37:20
    I find sizes do vary alot at crossroads so I always try things on first which you couldn't do buying online which makes it hard :(

    Returns policy...
    Crossroads Returns Policy
  • kazyazy2009/12/30 14:38:55
    If this is your first time purchasing online with crossroads and the item you have purchased does not fit correctly then we will gladly exchange your size for free. We will require you to send us the item with your new requirements and include the receipt of your delivery method, in which we will then refund the exchange delivery cost. An exchange is subject to availability of goods. Depending on where you are sending your returns items back from, the typical shipping time for items to arrive back into crossroads is around 10 business days.

    Hope this helps QS :)

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