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COLES: Ferrero Rocher Chocolates 30pk (375g) - 2 for $18!

Posted By: queenshrew, posted 2008/12/21 21:40
On sale from 18-24th December.

I saw these today, and thought they're such a great price!

They are 30pk - HUGE! And only $9 each!

I saw them at Kmart too, but Kmart was selling 3 for $30.
You have to buy 3 and they're at $10 each.

If you want to, you can make use of Kmart's lowest price guarantee and get them to give you extra off the difference! But for saving 10c, I think I rather save the hassle and just buy from Coles (imo)!
Expiry date:2008/12/24
  • queenshrew2008/12/21 21:40:59
  • nod2008/12/21 22:31:31
    so is that 2 x 15 pack or a 2 x 30 pack
    the pic is 2 x 15 ie total 30
  • ntowill2008/12/21 22:51:34
    I bought some the other day. It's 30 per pack (each pack has 2 layers of 15). So you get 60 of them for $18 (equates to $9 for a 30 pack or $0.30 per piece if you had to know) :)
  • queenshrew2008/12/21 23:43:47
    Yepp..as ntowill said :D

    2 packs of 30!

    They're the LARGE boxes :D

    Plenty to go around..

    $9 each is the cheapest I've seen them for awhile.

    Great gift for unexpected guests (You know, the ones that give you gifts and you forgot to get them anything!) They usually sell for about $15 per box! So this is a great saving!
  • craftykiwi2008/12/22 08:47:07
    Great deal - a cheap way to make up little gifts too. I put some in my own bags. Our store had sold out but some still left at the other nearby.
  • nod2008/12/22 09:10:29
    excellent! thanks :)
  • nod2008/12/23 09:18:01
    I see that Kmart have 3 for $3o in their catalogue this week ;) .... we might see a ferrero price war :D
  • queenshrew2008/12/23 10:49:50
    I see that Kmart have 3 for $3o in their catalogue this week ;) .... we might see a ferrero price war :D

    I mentioned Kmart in my deal post, nod :D hehe
  • golfwidow2008/12/23 15:46:29
    Thanks Queenie. Picked up some for spare presents. Everybody loves a Ferrero Rocher :D

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