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Clanfluence Merchants Rate Increases for December 2008

Posted By: nod, posted 2008/12/01 22:02
JDstacey is right on the money again ... Deals Direct have jumped two tiers on the first day in December!!! A bit of a record I think
Now tracking at 5.4% for each validated purchase

DD have jumped from 5.4% to 5.85% and now sit at 6.3%!

Deals Direct rates jump again to 6.75% for all validated transactions

OO.com.au have been a touch slower but they now jump to 4.5% ... and OO.com.au jump again to 4.95% .... and they jump again to 5.4% just in time for the end of the month
Expiry date:2008/12/31
  • Brad2008/12/01 22:15:11
    Can't get a much better start than that... :)
  • nod2008/12/01 23:02:12
    nope :D ...
  • jdstacey2008/12/02 01:26:23
    Wow - that's awesome. In 1 day!!

    I hope someone wins a Wii! :)
  • wheadle2008/12/02 07:43:23
    Excellent buckscoopers. Less than one day. I have space in my lounge for the wii ;)
  • lilpretzel2008/12/03 16:23:05
    Have we jumped another tier yet on DD?

  • jdstacey2008/12/03 19:07:34
    You beat me to it lil!!! :D

    Indeed we have! Hooray!
  • nod2008/12/03 20:31:32
    Deals Direct have indeed jumped another tier to 5.85% on all transaction validated this month :)
  • jdstacey2008/12/06 12:20:17
    It's up again - 6.3%! :D
  • nod2008/12/07 20:17:13
    One week into the month we are up another tier on Deals Direct to 6.3%
  • nod2008/12/09 00:08:18
    OO.com.au rate jumps to 4.5% for this month
  • Buzz2008/12/09 00:39:39
    Fantastic, I'm loving these cashback increases.

    Thank you Buckscoop for this wonderful site, you all do a ex job.

  • nod2008/12/11 10:15:28
    DD have jumped again :)
    6.75% for all transactions validated this month
  • nod2008/12/17 23:40:16
    OO.com.au have jumped again to 4.95% for all validated transactions this month :xmas5:
  • nod2008/12/30 21:18:23
    OO.com.au jumps to 5.4% just in time for the end of the month :xmas3:
  • lilpretzel2008/12/30 21:26:12
    Gee what a combination this month for OO.com.au

    Cashback rises
    Free Shipping
    Free $5 Vouchers

    Not to mention excellent service as noted by members and myself.


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