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Bunnings Giftcard: 50% Off Get $20 card for $10 FREE ship@Yellowpages Offers

Posted By: queenshrew, posted 2011/09/28 09:30
Great deal..FREE Delivery

BUT the website is crashing like crazy..

For a limited time only Yellow Pages® Offers is giving you the chance to purchase a half priced Bunnings Gift Card. For $10 you can buy a $20 Gift Card. Best of all it doesnt expire, so you can use it when ever you want on the wide range of products available from Bunnings.

Limit of 2 offers per person.
Delivery is estimated to take 14 business days.
This offer is provided courtesy of Yellow Pages® Offers. Bunnings is not a sponsor of this offer in any manner.
When redeemed, the Gift Card must be relinquished to the cashier.
Maximum change given is $9.95.
Expiry date:2011/09/29
  • vipulrm2011/09/28 10:24:46
    I am not able to access the site. Any one else facing the same issue? I need to buy a couple of these :(
  • queenshrew2011/09/28 10:44:47
    I did succeed in buying a couple..
    But it took awhile of refreshing...I was sososo close to giving up....!
    I guess you need quite a lot of patience...!
  • vipulrm2011/09/28 10:48:49
    Thanks! It'll try again and let you know. Keeping my fingers crossed...
  • vipulrm2011/09/28 12:05:33
    Still no luck :( :( :(
  • kickling2011/09/28 12:51:18
    Yup, website down ... dunno if it's due to high traffic ...
  • merissadavid2011/09/28 13:07:26
    Wow, this is soooooo frustrating. Got through then when clicked "buy it now" it crashed - grrr! I am signed up to Yellow pages Offers but never got wind of this deal, neither the other Bunnings deal a few weeks ago. Well, will I keep trying or hang out the washing...
  • queenshrew2011/09/28 13:22:10
    I had to refresh like SO many times..it wasn't funny.
    Each step required EXTENSIVE refreshing... I had a whole browser with about 8 tabs opened dedicated to the yellow pages offers site as I kept getting 'fail' messages.

    I think by now, it might be even worse as more people try to log on and grab one :(

    I missed out on the last one, as I gave up on refreshing.. I persevered a little more this time.

    Good Luck guys!
  • merissadavid2011/09/28 13:43:43
    No - not fair! I got all the way to secure payment checkout...then it CRASHED!! Can't get back in now so back to square one AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • queenshrew2011/09/28 13:46:49
    No - not fair! I got all the way to secure payment checkout...then it CRASHED!! Can't get back in now so back to square one AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The first time I got through to paypal which processed my payment but needed to be reconfirmed on the sensis website..and then it crashed and refused to refresh..whereupon I had to start over.. So I feel your pain :(
  • merissadavid2011/09/28 14:10:01
    Mine just did the same thing again too - boo hoo!!!!
  • vipulrm2011/09/28 17:37:12
    Got 2 of them, finally. After refreshing like, a 1000 times. Whew!
  • Keeys2011/09/28 18:15:38
    HOT deal if the stupid page would load!! Grrr I will keep trying though ....as you do ;)
  • QuirkyKiwi2011/09/28 22:41:48
    Hi Guys,
    I managed to get in without any difficulty but only if if I went into the Adelaide home page not the one that defaulted for me, Melbourne. P.S. my nearest city is actually Sydney but that site didn't work for me.

    I have now checked out and purchased my cards sucessfully.

    This is the link I used...I don't know if it will work for you.

    Good luck!
  • kickling2011/09/28 22:42:29
    All sold out .... didn't even get a chance to get past the Paypal screen!

    *EDIT* Just changed my city to PERTH and they are still available, and website is running smoothly
  • QuirkyKiwi2011/09/28 22:44:28
    Try this one...still live but hurry!!!

    Quick tips only choose a max of two cards to purchase. And don't play with the default checkout options with paypal. Eg trying to change to credit card etc.
  • QuirkyKiwi2011/09/28 22:50:51
    Just 'tested' the perth link and managed to check out with another 2 cards, my wife purchased them using her card.
    Don't give up!
  • Keeys2011/09/28 23:00:16
    not working now all sold??
  • QuirkyKiwi2011/09/28 23:00:48
    I couldn't resist and went back to try for more....but now adelaide and perth are sold out.

    A few more christmas stocking fillers sorted!!!
  • queenshrew2011/09/29 01:40:19
    I'm glad it worked for you all! :D
    I wish I found out about changing the cities first. Doh!
    Wasted a couple of hours of my life refreshing like an idiot lol :(
  • kickling2011/09/29 10:21:53
    Hopefully buying an offer from another City's page will still be valid. I got confirmation that the payment went through and order was successful, so hopefully they don't care which State you are getting these posted to...
  • vipulrm2011/09/29 10:26:50
    Yes, I think that is true...
  • Keeys2011/09/29 18:05:28
    how do they get our address??
  • bt342011/09/29 20:28:25
    how do they get our address??

    From Paypal if you used paypal. If paying by cc you enter in the address.

    Still haven't used the cards from the last offer. Got a couple more this time.
    Had no problems with the server as bought when it was first posted on another site at around 2:00 am. :whistling:
  • hellwolf2011/10/01 19:26:17
    I got two and my wife got two both this time and last time. Took a little more patience this time, but eventually paid off.
  • QuirkyKiwi2011/10/24 13:02:50
    Just got 6 in the mail today awesome thanks
  • bt342011/10/24 16:11:15
    ^^^That's good to hear.
    Expect mine sometime this week.
    Such a long delay though. Last time it was delivered in half the time.
  • vipulrm2011/10/24 16:35:52
    I have been wanting to buy some things from Bunnings and the wait for this seems just too long :(
  • Keeys2011/10/24 22:40:37
    I've been waiting too....want more goodies for my vegie patch.....actually might get my herb garden happening :) :)
  • queenshrew2011/10/25 08:05:11
    Mine isn't here yet either... but I'm in no particular hurry :D Just so long as it gets here by December! :p

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