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Buckscoop Bingo - Rules - NUMBER CALL HERE

Posted By: nod, posted 2007/07/26 04:17
Here is a quick run down of the rules:

1. Only one entry per person is allowed.

2. The numbers from 1 through to 60 will be posted at random, with an interval of 30sec to one minute between each.

3. The winner will be the first person to check off ALL the numbers on their e-bingo card.

4. The winner must then PM me with their e-mail address (Used previously when allocating cards) to win, with the word BINGO in the PM title. (To send a PM simply click on my user name and select the option, 'send private message'. If you have not used the PM system before and have any questions, just ask)

5. The winners card will be checked against the called numbers, for verification.

6. The winner will receive the fantastic USB missile launcher!

7. If their card is found not to be a winner, (e.g. if they have made a mistake), the game will continue.

8. The judges (mine!) decision is final - people may have different cards, but are waiting on the same number. In this case, the first PM I receive will be the winner.

9. That is about it!!! (Not too difficult)

If you have any questions or comments, post them here. Feel free to chat in this thread during the game, it shouldn't interfere, as my posts will be quite visible.
I also welcome any suggestions at the end on how you think we could improve the game for the next time.

I'll post just before the game commences, so watch this space. :roll:

Good Luck!!

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  • nod2007/07/26 20:57:09
    5 Mins Til Call Time
  • schlemster2007/07/26 20:58:13
    ready :w00t:
  • enthusiast2007/07/26 20:59:01
  • schlemster2007/07/26 20:59:06
    2 mins left :D
  • nod2007/07/26 21:00:49

    Here we go...
  • nod2007/07/26 21:00:56
    [size=24][color=red] Number 21.[/color] Key of the door[/size] http://img172.imageshack.us/img172/2041/1810d85cdic3.jpg
  • nod2007/07/26 21:01:20
    our first number :)
  • admin2007/07/26 21:01:38
    :D this is going to test my keyboard / brain co-ordination - and all I'm doing is observing
  • admin2007/07/26 21:01:57
    now was that re-fresh - or type - or something else
  • nod2007/07/26 21:02:23
    [size=24][color=red] Number 5.[/color] Man alive...[/size]http://img410.imageshack.us/img410/3460/51023949ne4.jpg
  • schlemster2007/07/26 21:03:04
    nice shorts :(
  • Brad2007/07/26 21:03:13
    New page. tricky...
  • admin2007/07/26 21:03:25
    I'm just glad thats not supersize...
  • nod2007/07/26 21:03:35
    just to keep you on your toes ;)
  • admin2007/07/26 21:04:00
    :D this is like MSN partyline .....
  • hellwolf2007/07/26 21:04:05
    Would be nice if the Keno rules applied where you won something if none of your numbers came up :]
  • nod2007/07/26 21:04:18
    Bingo entertainment

    A blonde went to eletronic store and she asked, "How is much is this TV?"
    The salesman said, "Sorry, we don''t sell to blondes."

    The next day she came back as a brunette. She asked the salesman how much the TV was. He said, "Sorry, we don''t sell to blondes."

    The next day she came back as a red head and asked the salesman how much the TV was. He said, "Sorry we don''t sell to blondes."

    She replied, " I came in here as a brunette and a red head. How do you know I am a blonde?"
    "Because that is not a TV, it''s a microwave."
  • enthusiast2007/07/26 21:04:37
    Number 5

    My first number :-Þ
  • nod2007/07/26 21:04:57
    [size=24][color=red] Number 42.[/color]Winnie the Pooh[/size]http://img327.imageshack.us/img327/3201/winniethepoohhunny5yd.jpg
  • admin2007/07/26 21:05:08
    :D - anyone who gets no numbers will be sent a bag of jelly beans.
  • Wally2007/07/26 21:05:53
    Woo Hoo for Wimme the Pooh!
  • Debz2007/07/26 21:06:14
    None for me yet :(
  • schlemster2007/07/26 21:06:29
    guess being a blonde she could watch the image go round and round :D
  • Brad2007/07/26 21:06:39
    My first number :-Þ

    You're going well, none of mine are up yet. :D
  • nod2007/07/26 21:06:54
    [size=24][color=red] Number 48.[/color]Four dozen[/size]http://img327.imageshack.us/img327/2624/cf30000508card2ea.jpg
  • sandgroper2007/07/26 21:06:59
    I'm up for the elly beans then...
  • Brad2007/07/26 21:07:58
    I'm up for the elly beans then...

    :p good luck on that one
  • twingurl882007/07/26 21:08:13
    is it just one row or column or all numbers in the card? bit unsure
  • admin2007/07/26 21:08:19
    :D - I'd probably deliberately forego the rocket launcher for a bag of jelly beans.....

    but dont go getting any ideas.
  • nod2007/07/26 21:08:33
    [size=24][color=red] Number 16.[/color] Sweet sixteen [/size] http://img455.imageshack.us/img455/6443/006106620601lzzzzzzz128hp6.jpg
  • admin2007/07/26 21:08:59
    :p good luck on that one

    :D:D - I'm still getting around to living up to the last time I made that promise .. dont worry - nods been my conscience
  • nod2007/07/26 21:09:04
    you need to get the whole card
    can't make it too easy?
  • nod2007/07/26 21:09:57
    [size=24][color=red] Number 40.[/color]Naughty forty[/size]http://img512.imageshack.us/img512/5448/old20lady20with20naughtqw0.jpg
  • admin2007/07/26 21:10:08
    the whole card ........! I thought this was more like naughts and crosses
  • schlemster2007/07/26 21:10:22
    nice specs baby!
  • admin2007/07/26 21:10:42
    :D - if she's forty I'm Fabio
  • hellwolf2007/07/26 21:10:52
    [size=10][color=black] Number 40[/b].[/color]Naughty forty[/size]

    Doh! There's my first number, no jelly beans for me :(
  • Brad2007/07/26 21:10:55
    hahah. nice photo of spears there
  • Wally2007/07/26 21:11:02
    The game or Brittany ?? ;-)
  • nod2007/07/26 21:11:13
    [size=24][color=red] Number 55.[/color]Snakes alive[/size] http://suprfile.com/src/1/n2sykt/2003-12-15--Snakes.jpg
  • nod2007/07/26 21:12:15
    [size=24][color=red] Number 6[/size].[/color] Chopstickshttp://img70.imageshack.us/img70/8264/61032733ja9.jpg
  • admin2007/07/26 21:12:41
    :D cool shot....
  • Wally2007/07/26 21:12:41
    Nice Pics heh
  • Brad2007/07/26 21:12:52
    Britney :p
  • schlemster2007/07/26 21:13:08
    yeah where are the babies the booze and the bald head
  • Debz2007/07/26 21:13:29
    I have 2 now!!! Keep them coming!
  • nod2007/07/26 21:13:41
    is that Fabio with out without the seagull on his face Admin? :D
  • nod2007/07/26 21:14:20
    [size=24][color=red] Number 31.[/color] Get up and run[/size] http://img510.imageshack.us/img510/1434/bullrun10fe846ay1.jpg
  • admin2007/07/26 21:14:41
    :D - think I'm going to laugh my butt off when someone gets a bingo....
  • jayne2007/07/26 21:14:56
    Brill piccies Noddo! That one with the bull is scarey!
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